ZUPCO gives back to society, offers a free ride

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Hosia Mviringi

Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO)’s train yesterday offered free passenger transport today in major metropolitan service areas as a way to thank its faithful customers.

In an announcement, ZUPCO said that the service which was once off, was meant to thank faithful passengers who gave them a chance when most sceptics did not believe in the service.

It is also meant to encourage the commuting public to try their service free of charge for a memorable, hassle free travel experience.

“This was to thank all of us who have used the service thus far and importantly to request that all of us try this convenient ride home. Once you try it you will never stop,” the company said, in a statement.

Thousands thronged train station to enjoy the facility of gratitude extended by ZUPCO.
ZUPCO`s management of the NRZ Urban trains, has showed glimpses into what could be regarded as
In addition to the timeous scheduled departures, one advantage of train service is that it is not affected by rush hour traffic jams that characterise motor vehicle travel in Zimbabwean metropolis.

A lot of productive time is lost in traffic jams each day in the morning as workers race to get to their respective work stations. In most cases, it requires workers to wake up very early in the morning to beat the log jams, while evening family time is disrupted as people take a long to reach home.

Passenger train service is the preferred mode of transport for larger commuting populations in most developed countries due to its cheaper fares which are a result of efficient economies of scale.

All thriving economies depend on train passenger service for daily transport to work and back.

If the current trends are anything to go by, then the next two years of economic growth will surely be creating motoring nightmares on our roads whose design may not match the number of cars at any given time.

This deliberate move by the government to resuscitate rail passenger travel is thus a commendable move that should not only be applauded but also need to be supported fully.