ZRP turns to technology in traffic fight 

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Crime & Courts | 0 comments

Mako Jerera


The Zimbabwe Republic Police has started utilising traffic light cameras in pursuit of delinquent motorists.


This is a response to the bad driving which has degenerated to concerning levels, especially in the capital – Harare.


In a recent statement and show of intent, the ZRP has released a list of motorists who shot through red traffic lights on August 24.


Twenty three motorists drove through red traffic lights at the corner of Monavale Road and Kirkman Road in Belvedere.


Their names have since been made public and the police has promised to shame more.


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is requesting the registered owners and/or drivers of the undermentioned vehicles to report The Officer in Charge ZRP Avondale Traffic as soon as possible to answer to charges of going through a red traffic light at the corner of Monavale Road and Kirkman Roads in Harare on Tuesday 24th August 2021,” the statement read.

By virtue of their disregard for traffic law, the offenders may be facing prosecution.


“Bring copies of your drivers licence and the registration book of the vehicle in question. Photographs and video footages will be used as evidence,” the ZRP statement said.

Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told TateguruTv that the public rebuke of reckless drivers will be a common thing until citizens start adhering to road instructions to avoid accidents.


“As long as we have reckless drivers going through Red Traffic Lights,  they will be captured through the modern technology we are using. We will definitely publish their vehicles and names of owners according to their information obtained from the CVR. We are appealing to motorists to be exemplary on the road because it endangers others.


Also, the public should play a part. Once they see someone going through a Red robot they should take note of the time, date, place and number plates,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.


ZRP Police will be adopting new ways to apprehend irresponsible drivers across Zimbabwe.


Assistant Commissioner Nyathi added that the due process of the law will be followed in dealing with the listed individuals.


Drivers who are convicted, risk having their licenses revoked. .