ZRP issues stern warning on Covid-19 measures

by | Jun 14, 2021 | COVID 19 | 0 comments

Mako Jerera

In light of the recent increase in COVID 19 cases in the country, the Zimbabwe Republic Police urges members of the public not to defy national lockdown measures for the safety, healthy and security of all.

Vice-President and Health and Child Care Minister (Rtd) General Constantino Chiwenga, on Saturday, 12th June 2021 announced the lockdown regulations, which came into effect today.

Under the new regulations, all gatherings except funerals are banned.
Companies have been directed to decongest their staff by 50 percent while workshops have been banned.
The new measures also stipulate that restaurants will no longer be able to sell food to sit in customers save for those appended to hotels and lodges.

Beer halls and nightclubs remain closed while bottle stores will operate from 10am to 4pm with retailers and shops operating from 8am to 6pm.

Minister Chiwenga stated that, “Beer halls and night clubs will remain closed whilst bottle stores will operate from 1000 hours – 1600 hours. Operators should ensure that there is no drinking in and around their premises. Failure to adhere to these measures will result in withdrawal of business licenses. “

In a statement national police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police were out in full force to ensure compliance with the Covid-19 health regulations, in his statement today.
“The public should take note that the police will ensure that all gatherings except funerals are banned and compliance is strictly adhered to. Zimbabwe Republic Police advises the public that the enforcement of the revised Covid-19 lockdown measures on health and security as announced on 12 June 2021 will be done without fear or favour,” he said.

“Mourners are implored to stick to the stipulated figure of 30 people and observe all Covid-19 protocols.”
Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said they will launch blitz and patrols as they continue to monitor the situation.
“We will conduct patrols and also monitor to ensure that beer halls, bars and nightclubs remain closed. Bottle store owners should strictly observe the given operational times of 10am to 4pm. In this regard, all those found drinking beer at bottle stores, inside cars and surrounding areas will be arrested,” he said.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi also said restaurants and fast-food outlets should observe the law and ensure that they only serve take-aways as pronounced by the Government. “Only hotels and lodges are allowed to serve resident customers in their bars and restaurants until 10pm every day,” he explained.

He went on to urge members of the public to desist from boarding pirate taxis commonly known as mushika-shika to ensure smooth maintenance of law and order in the country.

“ZRP will ensure that the curfew order previously issued by the Government is complied with. The curfew order runs from 10pm to 5.30am the following day. We will ensure that the wearing of face masks, social distancing and hand sanitising is conducted in all public places, which include tobacco auction floors, supermarkets, public transport and marketplaces,” said the police spokesperson