Zororo Makamba immortalised

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Zororo Makamba immortalised

Hosia Mviringi

Zororo Rufaro Makamba, the last born son to business mogul Dr James Makamba, who succumbed to the then novel Corona Virus on March 23 , 2020 at a tender age of 30, has been honoured posthumously by his former school St John’s College.

The college has erected a memorial gate dedicated to and named after the late prolific academic, broadcaster, sportsman and philanthropist.

The story of Zororo Makamba invokes sad, yet very important memories not only for the Makamba family but for the entire Zimbabwean society as he is recorded in history as the very first victim of the deadly Covid-19 virus.

His sad passing as a result of this shameless disease can be credited for being the clarion call that raised the all-important alarm that awakened national conscience towards the disease which at first was misconstrued as a Whiteman’s disease.

Zororo’s death demystified the deadly disease and strengthened Zimbabwe’s responses to the pandemic.

It is Zororo’s demise that brought home the reality of Covid-19 and coaxed both government and citizens alike into an elevated precautionary mode which then translated into heightened preventive and management of the disease.

Zororo Makamba, the last born to Irene and business mogul Dr James Makamba, has been immortalised by his former school through the erection of a special Memorial Gate in honour of his achievements during his time with the school.

St John’s College, a prestigious Harare School where children of the ‘who is who’ of the elite class enrol, has bestowed on Zororo Rufaro Makamba one of the greatest honour ever to be accorded to a former non-white student.

In an invitation to relatives, friends, former schoolmates, and the generality of the Zimbabwean society, the school has revealed that a Memorial Gate for the late academic and sporting genius had been erected.

“Join us for the unveiling of Zororo Rufaro Makamba Memorial Gate on Saturday September 10, 2022 at St John’s College Sixth Form car park,” said the school in an invite.

Zororo was not just an ordinary student at St John’s. He was such an outstanding academic performer, sportsman, philanthropist and an intellectual genius who broke all barriers and shuttered records to become the very first non-white head boy at the prestigious school.

Speaking to this publication in response to the invitation, Zororo’s father, Dr James Makamba, a successful media entrepreneur, former broadcaster and philanthropist, could only affirm his firm belief in education as the ultimate empowerment tool that a father can bequeath to his children.

Dr Makamba revealed that in his endeavour to secure the best possible future for his children, he spared neither effort nor resources to ensure that all his kids had the best chance in life to become their best selves in their chosen disciplines.

“I am a firm believer in the virtues of education. It is a basic necessity which doubles up as an indispensable empowerment tool without which one can do very little in life, and Zororo’s life is a shining example of how one can find their own space, shape and dominate it in this vast universe through education. Education opens all doors, thus my commitment at facilitating the best education for our children,” said Dr Makamba.

Zoro, as he was fondly known by family and close friends, as the last born child in the family, was very close to his mother, earning himself the title of ‘mama’s boy’, and as such the devastation that his death brought on his mother can never be imagined.

However, speaking to this publication, Zororo’s mother expressed satisfaction and gratitude to St Johns School for the honour bestowed upon her late son.

“Zororo was my last born child, thus he was very close to me. He was a very bright and gifted young man. He excelled in both academic and sporting fields. After St John’s College he studied Communication with Sales Specialisation at Michigan State University. Thereafter he worked briefly for Telecel Zimbabwe in the Marketing Department during which time he presented the Chit Chat Show at ZiFM which earned him two more slots at the Radio Station. He was such a fine young man who was loved by many children from underprivileged schools which he assisted,” said Mrs Makamba.

At the time of his passing, Zororo was engaged to a young lovely girl, Nyaradzo Mutezo.