Zimparks rescues injured elephant calf in Kariba

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The Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority (ZimParks) last week rescued an elephant calf which had been injured by a snare laid by poachers.

A herd of six elephants was spotted earlier last week roaming around the Chawara and Warthogs area in Kariba.

A calf was seen limping as it had a swollen leg, residents who encountered the herd alerted authorities.

The calf had a wire snare tied at the top of its left front leg.

The herd roamed closer to residental areas of Batonga and Baobab ridge surburbs and were now a danger to locals.

The herd had a tendency of moving around in broad daylight.

Zimparks was alerted as pictures of the injured calf circulated on social media groups.

Later on, the Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust( KAWFT), Zimparks officials and a team that flew in from Harare with a helicopter hunted for the herd.

The search party spotted the herd closer to the aerodrome and the calf was separated from the herd.

The snare was removed and the wound was treated.

After all necessary procedures were done, the calf joined the rest of the herd and they vanished into the woods.