Zimbabwe to prioritise growth in 2022 – President Mnangagwa 

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Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


President Mnangagwa has commended Zimbabweans for the focus and resilience in 2021.

The year saw the country’s economy grow by 7.4 percent making it the fastest growing in Southern Africa, this was despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his New Year’s address, President Mnangagwa said achievements of 2021 show that Vision 2030 is achievable.

“Our collective action and resolve has seen us scoring various milestones on the socio-economic front, including projected economic growth of 7.4%, which is one of the highest on the continent,” said President Mnangagwa.


The growth was made possible by a successful Agricultural season which saw increased output, an increased investment and capacity utilisation in mining.

Government backed infrastructure development in various projects including roads, dams, housing among others was also responsible for the jump in the Economic growth.



The successful devolution and decentralisation agenda has also seen projects which impact people’s lives directly in the rural areas developed.

Schools, clinics as well as water and sanitation infrastructure which will vault the development of rural industry systems and increase the local gross domestic product as well as improve lives in the rural areas have been implemented.

President Mnangagwa said systems are being put in place to ensure that the country is led through scientific evidence.

The introduction of innovation hubs at institutions of Higher learning through the introduction of Education5.0 also came into praise by President Mnangagwa.

Of the introduction of and benefits of the innovation hubs he said, “This has seen the development of many scientific inventions, nurturing of various startup companies, as well as the registration pf numerous patents and the production of new products.”

President Mnangagwa acknowledged and saluted frontline workers workers in the medical field for going the extra mile to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe remain safe from the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic.


President Mnangagwa said, “Special mention goes to all the friendly nations who availed vaccines and consumables to complement our efforts.

Together with your positive response to the health measures, we have been able contain the pandemic and limit the losses of lives”


He however urged the public not to be complacent on adhering to the laid down measures to ensure that we remain safe.


President Mnangagwa thanked Zimbabweans in the diaspora for their continued support of their loved ones back home via remittances despite the fact that they too face the same challenges as faced back home.




He promised the availing of more resources to both women and youth in the coming year to enhance their participation in the National economic growth.


The President also acknowledged security services for the continued peace and the tackling of crime, thanking them for bringing all isolated cases of crime to book.


He urged communities to work together with the security services to ensure the curbing of crimes.


The President spoke of the impending by-elections reiterating the importance of elections as the only route by which people attain power.

He urged the people to vote peacefully.


President Mnangagwa exhorted the nation to remain optimistic and hopeful.

“Going foward, we must remain optimistic and full of hope. As Zimbabweans, we are a nation gifted with the warrior spirit, always fighting for the good. Let us remain united as we safeguard the gains we made in 2021 through working together. This will enable us to set a solid foundation for future generations. 2022 must be  a year in which we focus on efficiencies through moving away from recovery to growth,” said President Mnangagwa.


He said Government will continue to create a peaceful and stable political and socio-economic environment that guarantees the realisation of the people’s full potential.