Zimbabwe to ban plastic bags by 2022

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Pretty Manyewe

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has set a target to phase out plastic bags by end of next year.

In a letter to retailers, EMA Director Environmental Management Services Steady Kangata said shops and supermarkets should start incorporating alternative bags for their customers.

Kangata said plastic waste has become a menace and that there is need to reduce the use of plastic not only in Zimbabwe but globally.

“EMA is taking steps towards the phasing out of plastic carrier bags. We are encouraging the Retailers Association of Zimbabwe and all its affiliated members to consider alternative non plastic carrier bags which are environmentally friendly. Plastic carrier bags are to be phased out by the end of December 2022,” said Kangata.

He lauded those who have started using biodegradable bags, moving away from plastic which takes 450 years to decompose.

“We appreciate efforts being made by those that have already started promoting alternative bags. A Green Economy is the way to go and your co-operation in this regard is greatly appreciated,” Kangata said.


Recently the President of Zimbabwe attended COP26 where he outlined Zimbabwe’s plans to contribute in preserving the climate and saving the planet at large by going Green.

This initiative is a show of intent, as it communicates the country`s commitment towards becoming a Green Economy.