Zimbabwe stands tall at Dubai Expo 2020 

by | Oct 2, 2021 | International | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba


Zimbabwe has setup a marvellous display that will surely have heads turning at this year’s Dubai Expo 2020.


The country’s exhibition pavilion embodies the current upward development momentum that Zimbabwe is experiencing.


The spectacle is brazen with neon lighting that is not traditional in the country’s branding, a step up from our usual bold flag colours and diving into the deep pools of creativity.


The exhibition opened its doors to the general public on October 1, 2020, signalling the commencement of the much awaited World Expo. Zimbabwe’s participation at Dubai Expo2020, in the United Arab Emirates , has generated a lot of interest to the world.


Expo 2020 Dubai-Zimbabwe Commissioner General Ambassador Mary Mubi described the set-up and positioning of Zimbabwe’s pavilion as one of the most eye-catching at the Expo, guaranteed to attract strong human traffic that is necessary for maximum exposure.


“The Zimbabwe pavilion is set to attract a lot of visitors as it is strategically located closer to key nodes such as the Al Wasl Plaza and the Emirates Pavilion. The theme of the Expo is ‘Connecting the minds, creating the future’,” she said

Zimbabwe is participating under the theme: ‘Zimbabwe- the Land of Great Opportunities’ as we seek to attain an Upper Middle Economy by 2030.”


It is in 4 Zones that are characterised by key features of the nation;


Zone 1 – Great Zimbabwe

Zone 2 – Majestic Mosi-oa-Tunya

Zone 3 – The People of Zimbabwe

Zone 4 – Vision 2030 complementing Projects


A warm welcome into the pavilion’s Zone 1 is captivated by the Great Zimbabwe stone outlook, well lit chevron pattern pictures of history of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe name boldly prescribed in rich pure copper, the coat of arms in pure mineral mould and the portrait and other several artefacts brought to the pavilion by the advance preparatory team. Static and directional light well distributed in the pavilion has enhanced the ambience of the pavilion.


A glimpse of the Majestic Victoria Falls located in Zone Two (Our Rich and Fertile Lands) is captured whilst one is still in Zone One. Well lit agricultural cone, mining tower, tourism chevrons, industry and commerce chevron frames, several digital display screens furnished with headphones, wildlife and seed display units all have been viewed as the major attractions in this zone.


A well-arranged array of interchangeable picture frames in Zone 3 defined as ‘Our People’, comes in with a show case of the hardworking and resilient people of Zimbabwe above a seating area that offer a mini resting point.


Zone 4, the biggest zone has been viewed by many as the key to the unrolling of projects that complement Vision 2030. A combination of digital screens, communication tablets, digital Zimbabwe Map and other well lit chevron picture frames have enhanced ambience and visitor preference before one exits the pavilion.


“The entire pavilion has a Savannah background that creates a neutral outlook throughout the flow of spaces,” explained Ambassador Mubi.