Zimbabwe satisfies Abuja declaration benchmark

by | Nov 30, 2021 | COVID 19, Local News | 0 comments


Pretty Manyewe

Zimbabwe has met the requirements of the Abuja Declaration, which says that all signatory countries should dedicate 15 percent of their budgets to health.

In the 2022 Budget Statement submitted by Finance and Economic Development Professor Mthuli Ncube allocated 14.9 percent of the $927.3 billion national budget to the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

“The 2022 National Budget has allocated, ZWL$117.7 billion to the Ministry of Health and Child Care which represents 14.9 percent of the Budget,” said Minister Ncube.

Minister Ncube said the funds will be used to plug gaps that are still existent in the country`s health system.

These include shortage of medicine, shortage of critical infrastructure and equipment roll out for the COVID-19 vaccination program.



“Therefore, priority in 2022 will be on rehabilitation, upgrading and construction of healthcare infrastructure, including provision of medical equipment, ambulances and operational vehicles.

Further, Government will increase fund for medical consumables, hiring of additional medical personnel and reviewing salaries and wages,” Minister Ncube said.

The Abuja Declaration was a commitment made by African Heads of States to allocate 15 percent of the National Budget to the Health Sector.

Last year, Zimbabwe through its supplementary financing of Covid-19 response programs reached the 15 percent threshold again, underpinning the Second Republic`s commitment to improving the lives of its citizens.

Zimbabwe`s allocation to health puts it above most countries in the world, as a report by the CABRI Report on Public Health Budget Practices and Procedures in Africa the continental average is 5 percent, while the global average is 10.1 percent.