Zimbabwe on course to be a player oil, gas and petrochemical, says Mnangagwa

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Zimbabwe on course to be a player oil, gas and petrochemical, says Mnangagwa



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ZIMBABWE will draw from its heroic past, human capital, and mineral resources to confront and triumph against any form of adversity including sustained attempts to weaken the country’s currency and drive up inflation, President Mnangagwa has said.


Addressing thousands of people who attended yesterday’s Independence Day celebrations in Murambinda, the President said the country, that was birthed through blood and fire, will never be a colony again but rather shall assert itself in the comity of nations, marching inexorably towards Vision 2030, to become an upper-middle class economy.


This comes as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe recently introduced a new currency, ZiG, that is anchored on gold and other precious minerals.


It also comes as President Mnangagwa recently declared a state of disaster following the El Nino-induced drought that led to below-normal rainfall this past season.


Government however, remains on top of the situation, rolling out a Food Deficit Mitigation Programme following the identification of vulnerable communities and households in every district and ward.


Zimbabwe turned 44 yesterday, and celebrated under the theme, “Zim@40, Unity, Peace and Development Towards Vision 2030”, with the President declaring that the country, which recently discovered oil, will use its resources to confront any challenges and win, just as it was able to defeat the Western-backed and racist white settler government.