Zimbabwe has lost USD 40 billion through sanctions – China

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

The People’s Republic of China yesterday on October 25, 2021 called for the lifting of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Unites States of America, European Union and the United Kingdom.

Zimbabwe’s all weather friend and oldest ally has supported African countries’ voice of justice against the illegitimate sanctions that have hobbled Zimbabwe’s development for 20 years.

In a regular Press Release China`s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said the West should remove sanctions against Zimbabwe, as they are affecting the country`s growth prospects.

“SADC in 2019 designated the 25th of October as the Anti-Sanctions Day, a day calling on the US and some Western countries to lift the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.
Today marks the third Anti-Sanctions Day. We noted that African countries have once again made the voice of justice, and we support that,” said Mr Wenbin.

He also said that the sanctions have caused Zimbabwe great economic losses.

“They have gravely hobbled Zimbabwe’s capability to develop economy and improve people’s livelihood and hampered Southern Africa’s efforts to deepen cooperation and achieve common development. According to estimations from local media in Zimbabwe, those sanctions have costed more than US$40 billion dollars in the country.

China firmly supports Zimbabwe in opposing external interference and pursuing the path of independent development. We once again solemnly call on certain organizations and countries , including the US, to lift illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe as soon as possible, focus more on helping Zimbabwe fight the epidemic and resume economic development, and play a constructive role in promoting Africa’s peace and development ,” added Mr Wenbin.

The US Embassy spent the whole day justifying their sanctions on Zimbabwe on Twitter with Zimbabweans refuting their claims in the comments section.