Zimbabwe cuts ties with Israeli lawyer Osdoicher

by | May 17, 2021 | International, Local News, Politics | 0 comments


Brian Rungano Temba

The Government of Zimbabwe has cut ties with Zimbabwe`s Honorary Consul of Zimbabwe in Northern Israel Mr Moshe Yitzhak Osdoicher.

In a statement, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade spokesperson Mrs Constance Chemwayi said Osdochier’s appointment was revoked on February 5, 2021.

The relieving Mr Osdochier from duties, invokes the termination of privileges that might have come with his role.

“Mr Osdochier does not hold any functions, privileges and immunities attached to this post as expressed in the Vienna Convention of Consular Relations of 1963 and he nolonger represents the Government of Zimbabwe in any capacity,” Mrs Chemwayi said.

Mrs Chimweyi said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade was grateful for Mr Osdochier’s efforts during his tenure as Honorary Consul of Zimbabwe in the Consular District of Northern Israel.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade expresses its desire to maintain and strengthen the excellent relations between the Governments of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the State of Israel.

Osdochier is a lawyer by profession and runs a professional law firm that serve as key advisors in international transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, public and private financing, banking, litigation, corporate and liability restructuring, taxes, distribution, franchises and real estate.