Zimbabwe charms MICE market at Meetings Africa

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Business, Local News | 0 comments

Zimbabwe charms MICE market at Meetings Africa

Hosia Mviringi

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) and a group of local tourism and hospitality operators are participating in this year’s 18th edition of the Meetings Africa symposium, which kicked off in South Africa on 28 February.

The three-day exhibition, which ran until 1 March 2023, had a plate full of programs. Some ran parallel to the main exhibition, including educational seminars and networking sessions. Educational sessions covered topics like those surrounding the business side of the tourism and hospitality industry.

The exhibition drew participants from key players in the Meetings, Incentives Conferences, and Exhibition (MICE) sector.

Zimbabwean representatives to the exhibition are focused on tapping into the lucrative MICE sector and cultivating new relationships for more business, considering that business tourism is associated with high spenders and large groups, which positively affects incomes through higher and longer facility occupancy.

ZTA Chief Executive Winnie Muchanyuka was upbeat about prospects for Zimbabwean companies to strike gold at the exhibition.

“The first day, also known as the BONDay (Business Opportunity and Networking Day), started on a positive note with key associations in the MICE industry hosting their member education and networking sessions to enhance professional development in the sector and industry. Fruitful discussions were held on how the continent can grow and claim its share of the global receipts of Business Tourism,” said Muchanyuka.

Zimbabwe’s attendance at the exhibition is a deliberate effort to unlock the MICE market potential to uplift the sector, especially after the Covid-19-related disruption of business.
Muchanyuka revealed that it was ideal for Zimbabwe to embrace the role of intra-regional cooperation in developing MICE Tourism in the region.