Zimbabwe charms Kenyan blogger

by | Sep 5, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

Mako Jerera

Kenyan YouTube blogger Mercyline Masanya commonly known as African Tigress, has continued to show praise on Zimbabwe.

African Tigress who experienced an inconvenience in the hands of immigration officials said barring the incident, her experience in the country has been heavenly.

After releasing the video, Government apologised to African Tigress and assured her that investigations are on going.

Despite all the drama, African Tigress has revealed the love she has been receiving from Zimbabwe.

She says that her stay in Zimbabwe has made her feel like she is in Nairobi.

Last week on her Twitter, she expressed intention to bring her mother to Zimbabwe to make her feel the country`s beauty.

“I like Zimbabwe, most of the people look like Kenyans,” she said.

“Zimbabwean hospitality is overwhelming, I honestly didn’t expect so much love. At this point I just want to buy my mum(my heartbeat) a flight ticket to come visit Zimbabwe with me sometime next week. My dad died about 2months ago. The worst experience I my entire life,” said African Tigress.

She said Zimbabwe presents the best place for a sentimental treat for her mother.

“I had in the past wanted to treat mum and dad to a trip outside Kenya, either Ethiopia or South Africa. But based on the love I have received from Zimbos I want to bring my mum here,” she said.

The YouTuber admitted that her visit to Zimbabwe cleansed her of the perspective she had gained through the media.

African Tigress also expressed how much she enjoys Zimbabwean music.


“Zimbabwe also produces great music apart from the legendary Oliver Mutukudzi . We have the new generation musicians like the “Dangerous” hit maker @jahprayzah.Surprisingly a lot of people in Kenya thought it was a Nigerian song.With love from your Kenyasista #everythingzwmusic,” she said.

Her local host, Harmony ‘Mr Zimbabwe’ Mazai has been doing a great job showing her around, taking her to places like Mt Pleasant, Borrowdale and Arundel.