Zim, Rwanda seek to bolster economic ties

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Zim, Rwanda seek to bolster economic ties


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The Rwanda-Zimbabwe Business Forum, which opens today in Kigali, provides an ideal platform to boost bilateral economic relations between the two countries, as Harare seeks to expand its presence across African markets.


Now in its third year, the annual event presents a strategic opportunity to deepen economic ties and unlock new avenues for collaboration and mutual benefit.


ZimTrade chief executive officer, Mr Allan Majuru, said the forum was a strategic platform for the Governments and private sector players in the two countries to exchange ideas and engage on areas of mutual interest.


“Open dialogue and knowledge sharing between policymakers and industry leaders in the two countries are crucial aspects of the forum.


“This exchange fosters a better understanding of each other’s economic strengths and challenges, enabling the identification of complementary sectors for collaboration,” he said.


Mr Majuru indicated that the Forum would present a unique window for the two countries to strengthen linkages in the crucial sectors of trade, investment, and tourism.


“The forum fosters business-to-business interactions, allowing companies from both countries to explore trade opportunities, riding on areas they enjoy competitive and comparative advantages.


“This paves the way for increased exports and imports between our two countries, fostering a robust exchange of goods and services.


“The platform will also highlight investment prospects in both Rwanda and Zimbabwe and find areas of cooperation.


“Sharing this knowledge about business environments and regulations can attract investors seeking to capitalize on the untapped potential of each market.


“This is also a significant opportunity for the tourism industries of both nations to collaborate and unlock new avenues for growth.


“Some companies have indicated interest in joint marketing initiatives where they can combine resources to create targeted marketing campaigns to attract tourists seeking diverse African experiences,” said Mr Majuru.


He also said the forum provided an opportunity to take stock of the progress achieved since the inaugural event in 2021.


“The previous editions of the forum have yielded positive results and exchanges have already taken place in areas such as education.


“Agreements were signed to enhance trade and investment in key areas like education, energy, commerce, and information technology.


“This year’s forum builds upon this success, aiming to further solidify the economic partnership between Rwanda and Zimbabwe,” Mr Majuru said.