Zim/Rwanda In Joint Fight Against Crime

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Zim/Rwanda In Joint Fight Against Crime

Staff Reporter

ZIMBABWE has ratified its agreement with Rwanda on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.

The agreement, signed in March 2021, was ratified by Parliament recently.

Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi said the agreement would boost international co-operation in combating crime.

“The agreement will enable our countries to provide assistance in investigations, prosecutions and other legal proceedings related to criminal matters,” Ziyambi said.

“Zimbabwe is desirous of ratifying the agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and in terms of Article 26 of the agreement, the entry into force of the afore-said agreement shall be upon 30 days after the date on which the parties have notified each other in writing that their respective constitutional requirements for entry into force of the agreement have been complied with.”

“Now, therefore, in terms of section 327(2)(a) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, this House resolves that the afore-said agreement be and is hereby approved for ratification.”

The agreement’s entry into force is expected to take effect 30 days after both countries have notified each other of the completion of their constitutional requirements.

The agreement will facilitate the exchange of evidence, witnesses, and other forms of assistance, enhancing the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in both countries