ZETDC increases electricity tariffs by 30 per cent

by | May 28, 2021 | Business, Local News | 0 comments


By Pretty Manyewe


The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has increased electricity tariffs by 30 per cent with immediate effect.

The new electricity tariffs are effective from May 26, 2021, according to ZETDC.

In a statement, ZETDC said, “The ZETDC would like to advise its valued customers that electricity tariffs have been adjusted upwards by 30 per cent. The increase is based on the outstanding indexation for the year 2020.”

The new electricity tariffs are highlighted in the table below


Inclusive of levies

(i) 0 to 50 kWh 2.25
(ii) 51 to 100 kWh 4.51
(iii) 101 to 200 kWh 7.89
(iv) 201 to 300 kWh 11.26
(v) 301 to 400 kWh 12.94
(vi) 401 kWh and above 13.50


The increase in tariffs is not surprising as the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Honourable Soda Zhemu recently announced that local electricity tariffs needed to be reviewed to ensure the viability of power utilities.

Speaking to the press he said, “As you might be aware, we are importing power from outside the country especially during peak hours and more so during this time in winter. Our power is imported at as high as USD 0.24 per kilowatt-hour whereas we are selling that power from as little as ZWL$1.73 per kilowatt-hour. For us to achieve what we are envisioning to provide adequate power and sustainable electricity, there is a need for tariffs to be reviewed.”