ZERA reviews fuel prices

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Brian Rungano Temba


Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced an upward review of prices for all petroleum products that include Petrol, Diesel and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).


The monthly fuel price review that was scheduled for September 5, 2021, was moved to September 8, 2021, due to developments in the international oil market.


In a statement released on September 6, 2021, ZERA revealed that they were paying close attention to trends on the international oil market that would, in turn, affect the local pump price, thus the need for extensive consultations with key local stakeholders.


Today ZERA published the prescribed prices that take effect from September 8, 2021, as follows


Diesel 50 moved from ZWL $114.29 and US$1.33 in August to ZWL $115.15 and US$1.34 per litre in September 2021.

Petrol Blend E20 is now going for ZWL $118.42 and US$1.38 per litre from ZWL $117.07 and US$1.37 in August 2021.



LP Gas is now going for ZWL $164.94 and US$1.92 per kilogram.

The new prices for LPG have left consumers wondering if at this point gas is still a viable substitute source of energy for cooking and heating.


Zimbabwe is a net importer of petroleum fuels and thus will remain vulnerable to price fluctuations on the international oil market.


Mitigatory measures that the government is currently exploring include investments in renewable sources of energy such as Solar energy and Coal bed methane.