ZANU PF Youth League ready for restructuring exercise

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Hosia Mviringi

The ZANU PF Youth League national leadership has confirmed their readiness and commitment to a nationwide restructuring exercise which is set to commence anytime soon.

At the Party’s 352nd session of the Politburo at the Party’s Headquarters in Harare on June 2, 2021, President and First Secretary, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa ordered all the Party wings and affiliates to ready themselves for a Constitutionally mandated countrywide restructuring process.

The exercise should be completed by September this year ahead of the National People’s Conference in October which will be hosted at a yet to be confirmed venue in Mashonaland Central Province.

Periodic elections of the party structures are a constitutional requirement.
Acting Secretary for Youth Affairs in the Politburo, Cde Tendai Chirau said the Youth League leadership is happy to comply with the President’s call and that they are looking forward to the election of the of new Youth League Executive.

He revealed that the Commissariat will, in due course, release the guidelines for the conduct of the Party’s internal elections.
These guidelines will spell out the eligibility criterion for aspiring members.

Cde Chirau encouraged all aspiring youth leaders to get into the Party structures so that they will be eligible for election into positions at all levels from Cell to National structures when the time comes.

Cde Chirau acknowledged that there are a number of current Youth League leaders who will consider standing for election in Women’s League or Central Committee, as their ages may not permit them to stand in the Youth League.

However, the current leadership structures will remain in place to push forward their constitutional mandate until the elections are done for a proper hand over take over.

“The ZANU PF Youth League is ready for the restructuring exercise as proclaimed by the President. The current Youth League leadership, myself included, is a result of a term extension by the President following events of November 2017. This was done specifically for continuity and stability purposes. Then the President saw it fit that the current leadership of the league should continue serving.
But right now, in his wisdom, and in sticking with the principles of Constitutionalism, the President has felt that the Youth League structures need renewal and that the current leadership has run its course in service to the revolutionary party. Thus the recent call for fresh elections across all levels of the league leadership, that is from the Cell, Districts, Provinces, up to the National Executive,” said Cde Tendai Chirau.

The National Executive Council elections of the Youth League will be held once the lower structures are in place as it derives its membership and ultimately electoral college from the lower structures.
The ZANU PF Youth League remains the vanguard of the party as it forms the foundation of leadership across the party wings.
Other wings that are also earmarked for restructuring are the Women’s League, War Veterans, the Main Wing, and all affiliates.
ZANU PF is on a massive membership recruitment drive which is envisaged to drive the party support base towards the ambitious five million voters target by 2023.
The party has set itself a target to complete the restructuring program before end of this year so that 2022 is devoted to development activities and membership recruitment programs