ZANU PF, UPND break bread 

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ZANU PF, UPND break bread

Brian Rungano Temba

ZANU PF and Zambian ruling party UPND this week spent days in meetings, exchanging notes on how the two institutions can guide their Governments towards more efficiency.

When the UPND won elections against Edgar Lungu last year, some of its low ranking members tried to create a rift between them and ZANU PF, but the leaders of the two parties engaged with no incident.

Giving an update on the trip, ZANU PF National Secretary for Administration Cde Obert Mpofu said the ZANU PF courtesy visit was treated with the highest regard by the UPND leadership, mirroring the mutual respect between the two ruling parties.

“It was an honour for ZANU PF to pay a courtesy visit to its fellow ruling party of Zambia the UPND.

We are grateful to the UPND for their very warm welcome and great hospitality to our delegation.

Initially, we were supposed to be hosted by the Secretary General of the UPND. However, due to the importance which our hosts placed on this meeting, the meeting protocols were escalated to the UPND’s National Chairman, Cde Stephen Matuku,” said Cde Mpofu.

Cde Mpofu said ZANU PF recognizes legitimacy of UPND as the democratically elected people’s choice.

“We fully respect the UPND for being a purely home-grown opposition whose agenda is more internally influenced than it is externally enforced.

First and foremost, the UPND’s rise to power was a result of a democratic election process,” said Cde Mpofu.

He said it is easy for ZANU PF to relate to the UPND instead of local opposition outfits, because they are an organic party with no external influence.

“UPND’s rise was never influenced by external pressure which compromised the rights of the ordinary men, women and children in Zambia.

Therefore, we respect the UPND’s legitimacy and integrity to govern and we will be committed to support it whenever need continues to arises at any moment,” said Cde Mpofu.

He also said that the engagement between the two nation’s leaders as diplomats and statesmen inspired the ruling parties they helm from to engage and nurture partmerships.


“This historic exchange of our two parties’ was inspired by His Excellency President Cde Dr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit to Zambia on the occasion of Cde Hichilema Hakainde’s inauguration in 2021.

Therefore, ZANU PF was pursuaded by this concrete foundation of fraternal relations and this special dialogue session enforced the cordial relations we have always had with Zambia,” he added.

Cde Mpofu promised similar engagements in the future in line with the ruling parties` tradition of consultation.

ZANU PF and UPND also identified various areas of mutual interest especially with regards to the need for the effective implementation of democracy and good governance values for sustainable nation-building goals in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The meetings leaves UPND party spokesperson Joseph Kalimbwe with an egg on the face, as he had developed a habit of attacking Zimbabwe.

It has however become apparent that his behaviour is not his party`s position, but a product of his own exuberance.