ZANU PF Manicaland joins Chief Marange in tree planning drive

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ZANU PF Manicaland joins Chief Marange in tree planning drive


Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for food”, these words were quoted by Apostle Prince Wonderful from Genesis 1 verse 29 at a Reforestation Project at Nharira High School in Mutare West Constituency on 27 December.


The Reforestation program at Nharira High School, is part of an on-going project in the area which has seen severe environmental degradation from mining activities.


The event was organised by Chief Marange and fully funded by Nyasha Marange the son of the Chief.



Nyasha Marange, after being appraised by his father of the need to plant trees in the area then approached Shamiso Winnet Mapara the Founder and CEO of Environmental Buddies Zimbabwe, an NGO that promotes sustainable use of natural resources to benefit communities around forests.


Environmental Buddies Zimbabwe then contributed 40 fruit trees both native and exotic trees and 60 non-fruit native trees planted at the Nharira High.


A further 10 native and exotic fruit trees and 40 native non-fruit trees planted at the Chief’s Homestead.


The trees at the school were a donation by both Nyasha Marange and Environmental Buddies Zimbabwe.


The trees planted at the Chief’s Homestead homestead were paid for outright by Nyasha Marange who said he was able to support and make the donations as he is is empowered by the ZANU PF policies.


The 90-year old Chief Marange who is father to 72 children and a member of the Johane Marange Apostolic Faith Church said that, “Takati kuvakomana, ngatitsigirei hwaro hwe hurumende nemusangano weZANU PF kudyara miti nekudzosa matondo edu. Takaonawo kuti tsika dzedu nemasimba atakapuhwa nehurumende yedu anotipa simba rekuchengetedza masango edu sevaridzi vevhu. Izviwo zvozobatsira kudzivirira njodzi dzekukurwa kwevhu.”

Translated, the message from Chief Marange says, “I spoke to my sons saying, let us support government and ZANU PF party policies on afforestation and reforestation. We also realised that being custodians of the forests and land and being empowered so by the constitution, we must protect the land. It also helps in preventing soil erosion.”

Coincidentially, December is the country’s tree planting month.

The reforestation program was graced by invited guests who included  ZANU PF National Youth League Deputy NPC Taurai Kandishaya , Manicaland Provincial Chairman Cde Tawanda Mukodza, Vice Chairman Cde Mutatu, the Provincial Youth League Chair Cde Stanley  Sakupwanya ,and his Vice Cde Wilson.

Also present were affiliate organizations Romans 13 Movement led by Apostle Prince Wonderful, Zimbabwe Miners for ED led by Cde Priscilla Mangwana and The Albino Association of Zimbabwe.


Cde Kandishaya, who echoed Chief Marange’s words said, “Chiefs are custodians of our cultural values. They are upholders of our environmental laws. The pride of our nation rests in our beloved environment filled with trees and animals, therefore people must not just grow old but also grow trees.”


He said that it is from trees give the people wood for energy uses, clean the air, help in increasing rains. Trees also provide timber for construction and paper including ballot paper on which they vote for their favorite party ZANU PF, a statement that drew cheers from the gathered people.


Ms Mupara said, “Thank you for supporting this program. Tree planting in Zimbabwe and in many African countries is not something so popular.  It does not receive the publicity it deserves yet Africa relies on forests and forest resources  for livelihood. Women, youth and children in rural communities lives are rooted in forest yet we keep losing forests each year.”


The Albino Association representative Nyaradzai Mazaiwana said, “As persons with albinism tree planting is very important to us because it is a mitigatory measure against the effects of Climate change. Climate change may result in severe heat which causes diseases like cancer ulcers which might need operations or frequent visits to hospitals. Trees also provide shelter for persons with albinism from the scotching heat whenever they gather for different events. Tree planting also improves the diet for persons with albinism by providing Vitamin C from the fruits produced from the trees. Some trees are used as herbs to treat those who might have developed sores. The tree planting program is also helping in building Inclusive communities thus leaving no one behind.”


The Zimbabwe Miners for Economic Development leader Priscilla Mangwana who was also attended the event said; “As miners we are generally among the main causes of not just deforestation but environmental degradation as our activities while important, require clearing of vast tracts of land and destruction of flora and sometimes fauna. We are therefore encouraging our members to be at the forefront to help restore environment.”


She also said that, Marange’s proximity to Chiadzwa, a vast diamond mining area affected by mining activities including by large corporates is a perfect setting for their involvement in the reforestation project embarked on by Chief Marange.


The association also donated ten fruit trees and said that every school must have an orchard to supplement the dietary needs of children.


Chairman Mukodza said the involvement of ZANU PF emanated from being the party in power and therefore must always be at the fore-front in fixing the environment and creating cleaner and healthier environments for improved living standards.. Without trees there is no healthy lives.


The Romans 13 Movement’s Apostle Prince Wonderful praised Chief Marange for his initiative.


He said rulers, as Adam was one, were given dominion over land, flora and fauna. He said it was their duty to not just enjoy the fruits but since the command is also to be fruitful and multiply, to make sure the trees are also replenished.


He thanked Party representatives for gracing the occasion saying none is in power except of God willed it so.