ZANU PF is still the only game in town

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments



The interest generated by the ongoing ZANU PF Provincial Elections has confirmed one thing, the revolutionary party is still strong and commands attention.

Right now, as we await results on the polling outcome to be communicated by the National Elections Command Center, the whole country waits with bated breath.

This election came at the right time, as it frees us from hallucinatory proclamations from fly-by-night analysts who were trying to paint a gloomy picture of the party`s prospects.

However, as the Victorians say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The anticipation on the streets, shows that even those who claimed to be unbothered by events in the ruling party are losing their wits over the outcome.

ZANU PF through its spokesperson, Cde Chris Mutsvangwa had to issue a statement to contain fake news peddlers who were using fabricated results to direct traffic to their platforms.

He said that the results are still being collated and will be communicated through the party`s National Command Centre.

Other parties make appointments, like when Chamisa of the MDC Alliance deployed his ice boy Ostallos Siziba to deputize Fadzayi Mahere in their Communications Department.

It barely made news, even on click thirsty sites.

However, whenever a bit of structural change is due in ZANU PF, the whole country stands still.

This election is critical because the party and the Government it deployed are on a good roll delivering on manifesto promises.

Such governance proficiency, experienced under President Emmerson Mnangagwa has left people invested in who take up roles in the supporting structure.

Vision 2030, which is expected to see the country become an upper-middle income economy, is at a delicate point.

As President Mnangagwa has continuously reiterated, it can only be achieved through unity and collective purpose.

This is why the whole country is waiting with baited breath to see the caliber of men and women who will be running point in provinces.

Besides the anticipation, the election comes to clear misconception which has been peddled by enemies of the party for too long.

Whenever there is political violence, there is a temptation to attribute it to ZANU PF.

However, the peaceful holding of elections does away with the insipid claims which come from donor funded parrots whenever their coffers run dry.

ZANU PF, has held its elections for two days and the Commissariat has reported that there has not been any cases of violence in polls being presided over by Politburo members.

In 2023, when –God forbid- violence happens, suspicious looks should go across town.

They are the ones who struggle with handling of transitions.

From the days Thokozani Khupe was almost burnt in a hut, to the days when Shakespeare Mukoyi pulled out his gun during the hot internal elections battle he had with the MDC Alliance Secretary General, Charlton Hwende.

For posterity, Zimbabwe should know who struggles with managing internal politics.

Back to the elections, after elections the party leadership should convene with all candidates.

Although the campaigns were spirited and sometimes emotive, losing and winners should be reminded to be measured as well as magnanimous.

There has to be a party wide consensus, that losing an election should not be the end of the world for aspirants.

They can still serve the party in other capacities.

It is important that there is that conversation, to eliminate divisive overtures by characters like G40 members who thrive on factions, schemes and plots.

ZANU PF has to pull together to deliver 2023 and ensure that President Mnangagwa`s vision for 2030 is fulfilled without disruption.

Zimbabweans will thank the party later, the moment all the deals and agreements being entered finally get to bear fruit.