ZANU PF is not stupid!

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ZANU PF is not stupid!

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

I abhor political violence.

In fact, I wish the punishments given to those convicted of the deplorable act must be similar to those meted to terrorists and rapists.

In my view, political violence is premeditated murder and I am against it on principle.

After all, this is the 21st Century and we cannot be having acts of barbarism perpetrated in the name of politics.

Whenever I hear of political violence I always am fond of finding out what exactly transpired but not before condemning the violence.

I first condemn it then look at the facts. The devil is always in the detail.

Ever since President ED Mnangagwa promulgated 26 March 2022 as the date for the much awaited and anticipated by-elections, there has been much chaos and noise from the new old opposition led by Nelson Chamisa which favours palm waving and now wearing yellow and point to the sky.

No surprise for most of us.

It is their modus operandi after all, Fake abductions, fake blood, fake torture and fake attacks on them and theirs.

This has been happening for a long time and we have seen it and heard of it for a long time that most had just decided it was time to ignore the script and carry on with life.

Tendai Biti has as is typical of him cried wolf far too many times that nobody except the Western ambassadors actually believe him that is if they really do.

We could have gone on along those lines but then, there was murder in Kwekwe.

Mbongeni Ncube, a mine driller with a local mining company was stabbed to death after or during Nelson Chamisa’s rally.

Nobody seems to know the real details that led to his stabbing but there were many claims and lots of stories told.

Among the sinister claims is that ZANU PF was responsible for the

My view and it is not a very popular view but I carry it out despite all that is; it is not ZANU PF responsible for the violence nor does ZANU PF even want to be politically violent.

It would be stupid for ZANU PF to instigate violence.

After all, the country witnessed the 2013 and 2018 bloodless elections, which were watershed elections at that.

So why would violence be instigated now with a divided and splintered opposition?

It is strange indeed and appalling at that. ZANU PF is not instigating violence for ZANU PF does not have stupid people.

The ZANU PF President and First Secretary President ED Mnangagwa has openly spoken against all forms of political violence.

It is therefore surprising that given the position of the Chief Ideologist, anyone would go against that.

What I have come to understand about ZANU PF makes me understand that once the First Secretary has spoken, there is no second guessing him.

His word is followed to the letter.

Ever since 2018, the President in his campaigns has not so much as mentioned the opposition by name.

He has dwelt mostly on his intended programmes and has continuously stuck to script.

In Kwekwe, Energy Dhala Ncube and Kandros Mugabe, who had been violent towards each other were both blocked from standing for the party for promoting violence.

During his own recent rally, in same city, the President again condemned violence.

You can see a gulf of difference between President Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa has not shied away from making threats of violence should he lose in 2023, has said, “Tichati yellow imbo yelloriser muma streets (whatever that means).

His lieutenants like Job Sikhala have been since their days in University been fond of being arrested and worse, very violent. He has been caught on video threatening villagers with violence should they vote for ZANU PF.

The other thing is, Chamisa’s party needs and wants sanctions renewed and of course they were.

They will trigger, create and make up all sorts of actions to create an excuse for the extension of sanctions.

Without sanctions on Zimbabwe, there will be no relevance for political activists or even opposition.

What is interesting about the violence towards Chamisa people is never reported to the police. Never!

It is usually to international media, political activists and Western embassies. One can tell they are staged for a particular purpose.

Take for example the Agatha Mujati supposed violence.

She was reported by Job Sikhala to have been knifed on the head by an alleged Zanu PF ‘thug’, named as one Mukahanana.

From the “blood” appearance in the picture, a hospital report to confirm Agatha’s injuries and possible cause would have been in order.

The word blood is in quotes for there was no blood!

Had the police decided to do their work and made sure a medical report was obtained, there would have been none of this nonsense!

Equally the incidence of violence including the Kwekwe political incident must be thoroughly investigated so that the risk of politicised blame or mudslinging is eliminated.

I hear there is a counter version of events of what really transpired at the rally in Kwekwe where the panic departure of the Nelson Chamisa from the stage after an assumed attack is said to have caused a panic stampede.

I hear one Bvondo was shouting that “Mayouth dzorerai” and it is on video.


I hear Chamisa came back to finish his speech, ostensibly after the said attackers miraculously neutralised themselves.

Only a thorough investigation can inform the public correctly on this matter.

Because to continue alleging it is ZANU PF brings to the fore the following;

Why would Zanu PF do something so stupid?

Also why are the attackers not benefiting from the impunity often provided by the State to perpetrators doing the bidding of the ruling party?

Could this be an act of a different group of adulterants acting on their own volition?

How is it explainable that one truckload of thugs dared and attacked a crowd of 5000 hoping to disperse it with primitive home made weapons?

Why did the crowd let a handful of people terrorise 5000 people without standing up to them and defending itself?

What were the internal security measures by the CCC if there were any, and how were these breached?

If none, why does the party not organise itself against such attacks on its supporters?

Where were the police when the attacks happened?

At what point were the 16 arrested and charged?

Can the arrest of the 16 and the subsequent charges against them instill public confidence in our police?

Could it be a panic factor?

There are just far too many questions that need speedy answers and only a thorough investigation can reveal the truth!

I am tired of political jokes!