ZANU PF Candidates Undergo Ideological Orientation Ahead of Elections

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ZANU PF Candidates Undergo Ideological Orientation Ahead of Elections

Brian Rungano Temba

ZANU PF Candidates who won in the primary elections are in Gweru for ideological orientation under the Chitepo School of Ideology as the ruling Party gears up for the forthcoming harmonised elections.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa officiated the five-day induction workshop for the aspiring legislators who will represent the Party in the coming plebiscite.

The event demonstrates the Party’s exceptional preparation for the upcoming harmonised general elections on August 23.

National Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha said the workshop would arm candidates with the right gospel to spread during their campaign and instil the unity needed for the Party to win resoundingly.

“We cannot as a Party move forward until leadership is disciplined and loyal to the Party and its Principal.

“We must know what the Party stands for, particularly the road travelled as the Second Republic and all its achievements.

“No one must go out there and fail to say something with all the success stories of President Mnangagwa’s Government. There is so much to sell,” he said.

He said the most important thing is for the candidates to remain united.

“The most important thing is we must be united. Those who came up on top of others during the Primary Elections are not winners and there are no losers, there is only Team ZANU PF.

“It is in that same spirit of exclusivity that we now make sure we have no one and no place behind as we prepare for the coming harmonised elections, ” said Cde Bimha.