Youths should maximise available land – Chirau

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

By Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

Acting ZANU PF Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Tendai Chirau has urged young people to seek to achieve the best possible output on available land so as to add to the country`s agricultural output.

Cde Chirau made these remarks when he paid a courtesy visit to young farmer identified only as Mr Chamanga at his 0.5 hectares plot at Chitora Irrigation Scheme in Mutoko, Mashonaland East Province.

The scheme which has 75 farmers each owning 0,5 hectares specialises in horticulture with the emphasis being maximum land utilisation.

Describing what he saw at Chitora Irrigation scheme, Cde Chirau said; “This is a precise example of maximum utilisation of land. The market for their produce is readily available and they are making an honest living through hard work.”

Mr Chamanga grows carrots on the small piece of land but is making a comfortable living and says he has managed to buy a car with others in the scheme having bought even bigger trucks and are able to send their children to boarding schools and tertiary institutions all from horticulture.

Mr Chamanga has pleaded to Government for more land.
“We are very thankful to President Emerson Mnangagwa for such an opportunity to be masters of our own destiny and wish more could be done to help young people access more of such schemes,” said Chamanga.