Young women for ED explain mandate

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

Pretty Manyewe


Young Women for Economic Development has explained its mandate, which is pursuing effective empowerment of women as the country seeks to achieve its economic growth targets.


The organisation says it has a number of initiatives which are set to ensure that women are part of the economic mainstream.


In an interview with Tateguru Tv, Young Women for ED spokesperson Audrey Tofara Nyoni said the organisation was born out of a realization that very few women have access to critical, life changing resources.


“The organisation was formed after identifying a gap in the market of women failing to access enough resources and information to become empowered and do what men in this country are able to do,” said Nyoni.


She said the organisation seeks to help women develop skills to the point of becoming independent.


The organisation is anchored on three pillars namely inclusivity, empowerment and influence.


Young Women for ED Chairperson Tatenda Mavetera explained the utility of these pillars.


“Inclusivity – In the aspect that all young people below the age of 45 are included and can join the group despite religion, race, culture or demography.


To also push for gender inclusivity in top positions within government and corporate sectors,” said Mavetera.


She said women should be empowered through sustainable projects under the Small to Medium Enterprise sector and there is also going to be a push for land, as the country is largely an agrarian economy.


“Young Women for ED has objectives to ensure women and girls can be protected from abusers by having access to justice and legal aid.


To make sure that millions of women have a chance to overcome poverty and be self-sufficient in the work they do, be it agriculture or selling produce. We want to make sure the unmet needs of women and their voices are heard,” Mavetera added.


The organisation is set to be involved in community outreaches ensuring that women know of its goals and how they can take part.