Young creative determined to tell the continent`s story, produces Urban grooves documentary

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Mako Jerera

Disrapt, an online platform video and audio production studio, based in Harare has announced that they will be releasing a documentary film which chronicles the ‘Urban Grooves’ progress. Simply titled, The Journey, the documentary will be launched on April 28.

According to the producers, the work began in November 2019. Tateguru Tv`s Mako Jerera had a conversation with Disrapt`s Creative Director Ronald Munashe to talk about the body of work.
Here are excerpts from the interview:

MJ: Can you tell us more about the documentary and its genesis?
RM: Urban Grooves The Journey Documentary is a documentary where we are telling the inception to the current state of the Urban genre which some say started in the early 2000’s. We have guests we interviewed and tell their side of the story. We have artists,producers and critics on the documentary. We decided to do the documentary because the Zimbabwean narrative has to be told.We have a passion in telling the Zimbabwean and African narrative.
When we came up with the idea of doing a documentary, we had realized that there wasn’t enough documentation in Zimbabwe. The impact made by this era in the music industry was massive and we need to raise awareness of it. In addition to recognizing the efforts of the government, producers and artists, we wanted to showcase the music industry and to share the journeys of some of Zimbabwe’s musicians.

MJ: You guys have done really well recently in previous screenplays, judging from the Madam Boss skits and various corporates. Can you please explain what we should expect from this particular documentary?
RM: People should expect in-depth information on how the genre started. The guests who contribute do not hide behind the bush. The documentary does explain the successes and the failures that happened during the era. The documentary also looks at the major contributors to the genre. It is an exciting documentary which takes people back 20 years ago and makes artists proud to have contributed to the change that happened in the music industry.

MJ: Do you have a specific genre that you prefer to document?
RM: I have a passion to tell the African story and I love to tell any story especially that inspire people. They say if you don’t know your past you never know your identity. One thing that made me want to be involved in this documentary was the fact we were recognising and celebrating those who changed the culture and narratives of how music is consumed to this date in Zimbabwe.

MJ: What inspires you?
RM:I believe there is no better person to tell our story than ourselves. We can tell our own story as Africans. I am inspired by the fact of being able to create.

MJ: What do you find most challenging about this particular genre or documentary production/directing and how have you overcome that challenge?
RM: The challenge I have seen is that people have not really appreciated that we can tell our own story but that cannot stop us from creating content. We need to continue creating content despite that challenge. One day our stories will be heard.

MJ: How do you come up with your ideas?
RM: It`s difficult sometimes as a creative to have the perfect idea. Sometimes the idea just comes to mind and we run with it. Sometimes as tou interact with people you get and idea. Passion also drives us to come up with ideas.

MJ: What keeps you going?
RM: First thing is my family they keep me going. The fact that I get the opportunity to wake up and make a difference big or small keeps me going.

MJ: What can we expect from you next and when?
RM: People can expect more exciting documentaries and productions. We have a docu-series which we will be releasing just after winter. We believe it will be a different production. Not done like the way we have done it

MJ: Which platforms will it be showing?
RM: On our Youtube platform Disrapt TV. We have submitted it to ZBC waiting to here from them.Should have feedback next week