Yawn, yet another press conference!

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Yawn, yet another press conference!

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

The infant CCC political party has called for a press conference at The Media Centre today and their agenda is ‘Electoral Reforms’.

They also say ‘Zimbabwe is not yet free’, whatever that means.

However, what I am sure and certain about is journalists are about to gather to hear the young man with powerful lungs and an empty head spew a lot of high sounding English words and throwing about poor rhymes in an effort to sound important.

When the CCC political party was announced, it reminded me of the historical Holy Alliance.

Described by Metternich as a “high-sounding nothing” and “a piece of sublime mysticism and nonsense” by Castlereagh it was bound to achieve nothing just as Chamisa’s new party will achieve nothing.

It is shocking of course that a new party which has not even had a congress to determine leadership, which imposed candidates without any internal democracy and which its chief propagandist Hopewell Chin’ono has declared that there should no dissent but dictatorship wants to speak of and about Electoral Reforms.


Not that it is a new thing for them to speak about since they are merely a faction of the sanctions begging MDC.

What worries me is that the leadership of the party is mainly lawyers and they are supposed to be a leading beacon in Constitutionalism and Constitutional matters.

They, of all people, should know that Electoral reforms are not demanded at Press Conferences nor will they ever be achieved in the streets.

Electoral Reforms, according to the definition, is change in electoral systems to improve how public desires are expressed in election results.

Now, I am not a law expert but I do know that the only way to reform such laws is via Parliament.

The CCC, formerly MDC has been in Parliament since 2000. Most of the senior leadership has been there and know how the laws are made, changed or scrapped.

They have never bothered to follow that route. They typically wait for an election to be announced so they can start making noise.

They of course will be smelling their defeat, so what do they do? They begin to discredit the electoral process, starting with the electoral management ZEC.

Their intention is only to create an idea that they lost elections because of the system not that people voted against them.


But I digress, these sanctions mongering, foreign sponsored puppets have been holding press conferences after press conferences almost on a weekly basis since their crushing defeat in 2018.

They have succeeded in saying nothing much except create some infantile excitement and forced a few empty heads to lose themselves to youthful exuberance and be led astray into committing atrocities.

Needless to say it has ended as they say in the streets ‘in tears’.

Many a time have they held press conferences, used high sounding verbosity all to say nothing.

Sometimes one ends up wondering where they get the innocuous sounding statements they utter.

Of course its vapid, vacuous and devoid of any authority or moral substance.

From ‘No reform no elections’, to ‘Sunga ine sunga dozen’, one must really feel pity for such toddler-like foolishness in a leader of a political party.

We are now about a month and a half away from the 26th of March by-elections in Zimbabwe.

The by-elections were known to be coming since the recalls were effected in 2020.

If anyone wanted electoral Reforms, they had 2 years in which to fight for them. But they spent all that time fighting over party names, property and symbols.


Not once have they ever tabled a motion for electoral reforms in Parliament.

What is even more shocking is, they were part of the making of the New Constitution which came about in 2013. In fact, they had a Parliamentary majority then. They never sought to change anything.

This latest press conference is another futile effort to divert attention from the brewing storm reported from the dissolving of the CCC executive unilaterally by Nelson Chamisa.

What is fact is that they have not held any Congress nor do they have any structures to speak of. The new party is merely Chamisa himself since it does not even have a Constitution.

This is fact since ZEC itself wrote to them asking for their Constitution among other documents, which are yet to be delivered.

How a party which is run from someone’s whims seeks to ‘free’ Zimbabwe is nothing but a joke.

Only a person averse to history can take serious people who have no consciousness of Zimbabwe’s history.

Nelson Chamisa and his bunch if followers have called for sanctions on Zimbabwe, keeping the economic prospects of the country shackled.

Nelson Chamisa has even called for an invasion of Zimbabwe by foreign forces. I will not go on to speak about his father who was a member of the despicable RAR!

To hear such people say “Zimbabwe is not yet free” makes my bile rise.

I advise that they put their house in order first before trying to direct how the affairs of the country must run.