‘Women should take interest in political leadership’

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

Brian Temba

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has urged women to challenge for political positions in their communities.

Minister Mutsvangwa, who is a senator, said women should strive to go beyond quotas and earn their places in institutions of influence.

She made these remarks at a breakfast meeting in Harare, yesterday, which was hosted by Senate President Hon Marble Chinomona and the Women in Politics Support Unit (WIPSU).

Minister Mutsvangwa told the attendants that women in power should not only work hard but also go beyond 100 percent to do just as well or more than their male counterparts.

“As women we have benefitted from the womens` quota and many other opportunities in the country, but it is now time to earn the respect our positions hold by excelling in our respective duties,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

She urged women to step up to the challenge as there is need for more women in local governance (urban and rural councils).

Attendees at the event included Commissioner Tsungirirai Hungwe-Chimbunde from the Zimbabwe Gender Commission, ZANU-PF Senators Hon Maybe Mbowa, Hon Tambudzani Mohadi and socialite Zodwa Mkandla.

Other attendants were women leaders who hailed from Accademic, Commerce and Politics.
The meeting which was a national level event is expected to cascade down to grassroots level. The programme aims at giving support to women in leadership roles.

Hon Mbowa said confidence is contagious and as leaders, their duty is to inspire the younger women to rise.

“We have come a long way as women, from not owning a National ID and staying in the kitchen, to having degrees, being managers and presidents of senate.
It must not end with us ladies, let us teach the ones that follow us to never wait in freebies but to earn our spot in the matrix of policy making,” said Hon Mbowa.

Hon Mbowa urged women to desist from pulling each other down.

“The error is in the way we were brought up, all leadership roles were reserved for the male child. It was unusual for a girl child to run for prefect or class monitor positions. We should not make others feel bad for going after leadership roles. Let us support each other instead,” Hon Mbowa said.

Senator Mohadi told the women at the meeting to pursue more education as it gives them better enlightenment and knowledge for leadership roles.
“I myslef am still corresponding my education, I just finished my degree in Development Studies and I am currently doing my masters, age is nothing to a determined woman,” said Senator Mohadi.

President of the Senate Hon. Chinomona told attendants that though politics is challenging, womeb must never shy away from it.

“They say politics is a dirty game, but who made it dirty to begin with?

As women in politics its our duty to clean the game and make it safe for others,” she said.