Where are your children, Chief Hwenje asks Thomas Mapfumo

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Where are your children, Chief Hwenje asks Thomas Mapfumo

Brian Rungano Temba

Mai Welly Hitmaker, Chief Shumba Wenje has responded to former Chimurenga Music Legend Thomas Mapfumo’s call for violent protests.

The foreign based 78 year old musician made a video statement calling for uproar and protests against the incumbent President Mnangagwa’s inauguration following his victory in the just ended 2023 elections.

Local based Chimurenga musician Chief Wenje responded to these statements asking Mapfumo who’s children he wanted to go commit crimes of violence while he lavished abroad.

Chief Wenje said, “The elderly are not supposed to be scolded but I was listening to Thomas Mapfumo’s interview and I can’t believe he called for people to demonstrate.

Who’s children does he want to send into the streets to commit violence and get injured demonstrating? Where are your children Thomas Mapfumo?”

Chief Wenje also pointed out that People in the diaspora like Mapfumo are the ones who caused Opposition Leader Chamisa to lose by not coming back home to vote.

“You didn’t vote, you were in America while we went out and voted for President Mnangagwa.
You were busy on social media and WhatsApp, as if polls were being done online.

The vote was in the ballot not online. You are wrong Mukanya,” added Chief Wenje.

Chief Wenje has been very active on the Chimurenga Music scene taking over from the late Chinx Chingaira as the official sound of the Morden day Revolution.