When common sense escapes a man

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When common sense escapes a man
• The tale of one Farai Maguwu

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

From having our gemstones labeled as Blood diamonds to stocking fires of civil war and suspending elections for 10 years?
Where and when will the absurdity ever stop?
United Nations General Assemply is approximately three weeks away and of course as expected from our foolish opposition and ‘human rights’ activists every year before UNGA, Zimbabwe is under an onslaught of all sorts.
The country experiences noises of abductions, political violence and claims of torture and now civil war has been thrown into the mix.
In fact, this year will not be an exception but the norm and we will even have near death claims from some on remand persons. Well, past weekend, Job Sikhala was at it, to no surprise at all for me.
Of all the foolishness I have experienced before UNGA, nothing beats the delusional hallucinations of one Farai Maguwu, who claims to be a human rights activist.
He made scurrilous claims in an interview with The Newsday that Zimbabwe was on a cusp of civil war.
There is I believe a method to madness. First Nelson Chamisa makes calls for UN supervised polls in Zimbabwe.
This after his poorly scripted high-speed vehicle chase in Gokwe. The Bible says the wicked run when no one is chasing them, I guess Chamisa in his wickedness is starting to flee from himself.
How he saw cars chasing him to block him from the deepest part of Gokwe is something even Hollywood scriptwriters have not come up with.

Then you hear amplified claims of political violence, something which everyone knows is not happening anywhere except in the minds of CCC supporters.
That nobody would have heard of them setting off to the areas they later claim to have been chased from, nobody ever interrogates. They Nicodemusly enter these areas and then make large noises about being blocked, attacked and chased out.
Only the gullible Lord John Oates and such other fools from the West would believe that.
In fact, if they are blocked or chased out, it will be by alert villagers on the lookout for suspected cattle rustlers and grain purchasing conmen.
One cannot just enter villages unannounced and gather people without the express say-so of the village headmen. This is a tradition every Zimbabwean knows and so if there has been any chasing or blocking, it may be a result of that failure to adhere to dictates of custom. Not that I think it has happened at all.
Now it’s Maguwu claiming the country to be on the cusp of a civil war?
Well, Maguwu would fare very well in Bollywood and Nollywood. Why the two?
Simply put, his scriptwriting is so shoddy it cannot be allowed to stand next to some such great movies from Hollywood like Blood Diamond and Saving Private Ryan.
By the way, it is not accidental that I mention Blood Diamond, Maguwu labelled Zimbabwean diamonds the same and got our precious stones sanctioned.

A person who claims to be a human rights activist willfully calls for sanctions on his nation, themselves being a violation of human rights?
Now he is back and this time even more foolish bawling for blood as it were. Civil War? From where Maguwu?
We have no recorded violent skirmishes among political players except the stories told.
In this day and age, any village has at least 10 persons for every 15 with a smartphone, surely someone must have a video recording of some violence taking place somewhere.
How is it that there is no video and no police reports of any skirmishes except the tales from political activists who are not convincing anyone, even themselves?
Now to stock fears of civil war based on those poor tales?
I really do not know what Maguwu is smoking but whatever it is, it’s illegal and highly toxic! There is no such threat of civil war nor even political tensions in Zimbabwe.
Maguwu further wants to take away the rights of people to elect their own leaders. He wants elections suspended for 10 years while a Transitional Government is in place.
Transitioning from what to what that takes 10 years?
How does that dovetail into human rights activism when you suspend an enshrined right for 10 years and put in place unelected people into power?
We know one has to make some paper, that is OK. We all need to look after our families and prepare an egg nest for our old age but, can we do that without being stupid?