Wenera To Return To Screen With Old Cast?

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Wenera To Return To Screen With Old Cast?


By Valerie Mpundu


The producers of the popular local television soap “Wenera” have confirmed that the series is returning to the television screen and will feature the old cast.


Some of the original cast members of Wenera were Edmore Sandifolo, Rosslyn Chakanyuka, Zolile Makeleni (Tsotsi), Conrad Mwanawashe, Delma Chiwereva, Theophilus Marufu, Jefferson Muserera, Fatima Makunganya, Richmond Nyanguwo, Tinashe Pundo, Muriel Tavaziva and Ronnie Emmanuel, Arnold Gara, Jane Dembo, Melody Nyamaropa and Talent Nyamayedenga among others.


Some of them have established themselves to be great actors while others are still finding the path.

Although the soap had a fallout years back with its original cast leaving for greener pastures, it continued with aspiring and upcoming actors.


Producer and filmmaker Edmore Ndlovu confirmed the return of “Wenera” and said preparations were at an advanced stage.

“Yes the rumours are true,” he said.


We have engaged the original cast members of the show to return so we can start from where we left with them.”


“With so much anticipation and expectation the ‘Wenera’ cast has thrown in their original cast and blended them with a few new faces.


“We are bringing back the original cast that won your hearts before. They have eagerly reunited with new faces to continue the journey.”


Asked about the payment disputes with the original cast, Ndlovu said everything had been handled amicably.


We have worked diligently to establish a strong line of communication fostering a spirit of collaboration and understanding.”


“The story of Wenera impacted viewers and characters of the drama became a part of countless households.”


“Wenera is not just a television drama, it is a cultural phenomenon that deserves to be revived and cherished at the national level,” explained Ndlovu.

The merging of old and new cast members mostly from Bulawayo has been a truly enriching experience, he said.


We face a constant need to evolve, adapt, and stay ahead of the ever-shifting landscape.”


“Our plan is for ‘Wenera’ to run more than one day a week but this will be determined by scheduling with the broadcaster,” Ndlovu said.


However, close sources have revealed that some of the original members had done a photo-shoot recently to promote the show.


With all the hope and vibe from Ndlovu, some actors have professed ignorance over the issue, while others are up for the game but said would not want to repeat the same mistake with the producer over the issue of payments.