We collected ZWL868 million in Road fees – ZINARA 

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We collected ZWL868 million in Road fees – ZINARA


Brian Rungano Temba


Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has disclosed that in 2023 they collected 13percent above budget in road fees.


Board Chairman Dr George Manyaya said this on Wednesday during a press conference on the 2023 Road Funds Disbursements Overview Report.


Dr. Munyaya said in 2022 ZINARA resolved to publish all disbursements to Road Authorities as a way of acquitting ZINARA on utilisation of funds.


“ZINARA has resolved 59 out of 63 matters listed by Grant Thornton forensic audit report and regularisation of the holding of AGM’s with Audited Accounts from the Audit General’s office.


ZINARA’s gross road fees collections amounted to ZWL $868million in 2023, closing 13percent above budget.


The revenue comprised of 38percent contribution from all 29 tolling points nationwide while licensing fees contributed 34percent up from 30percent in 2022,” said Dr. Munyaya.


He credited the increase in Licensing revenue to initiatives such as, setting up licensing systems at Tollgates, Central Vehicle Registry, ZINARA and VID, complemented by roadside enforcement operations and a marketing promotion.


“Fuel levies contributed 15percent and transit fees contributed 11percent.


Revenue streams grew by 7percent against prior year.


Zimbabwe has just over 1.2million registered vehicles 800000 of which are regularly license compliant, he added.