Wattle company: A trusted name in forestry, conservation

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Mako Jerera in Mutare

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is at the Wattle Company in Mutare, where he will be officially opening a plant at the company.

The company is one of the sustained business names in the Manicaland region, this article will look at the brief history of this industrial giant.

Wattle company is centered on sustainable management of its forestry resource and dedication towards responsible environmental management at the same time extracting maximum value out of its resources.

Established in 1945 took it’s fame from the ground up by planting it’s first wattle tree later on planted the gum tree in Vumba and the Pine tree in Nyanga. These are the main three divisions it has.

Nyanga Pine Plantations are located at Nyanga and Dunsinane Estates ,approximately 65 kilometres and 35 kilometres north of Mutare, respectively.

Logs from these plantations are managed on a 20 to 25 year rotation.

Secondly, The Vumba Timbers Division specializes in forestry management and production of the Transmission Poles, Telephone Poles, Fencing Poles and Droppers which are treated with Creosote and Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) preservatives.

These products are marketed and sold throughout the SADC region and as far north as Kenya to different customers in their specific requirements and the Eucalyptus charcoal.

The Wattle Mimosa Division plantations are located at Chimanimani and Chipinge Estates approximately 160 kilometers and 200 kilometers, respectively, south of Mutare.

Wattle Extract is produced at Silverstream Wattle Extract Factory, which is situated on Chimanimani Estates.

Victoria Jakazi the company`s Managing Director said; “We are operating in 3 divisions. Division according to the tree. Pine division in Juliasdale and Penhalonga. Nyanga pine division there is a sawmill there we operate from that side. In Vumba there is gum. Gum is grown in Vumba. In Chipinge and Chimanimani we have the wattle tree.
There is a factory there at Silverstream.
Our products are timber based some are sold locally but we are a net exporter especially for the poles, for the wattle extract and charcoal. We are also going to get our Venre plant commissioned today by His Excellency.”

The coming in of the second republic has given companies in the mould of the Wattle company to have a reason to smile about.

For the first time in many years, there is a deliberate strategy -the National Development Strategy 1- to ensure that the environment is stable enough to allow business growth.

Companies like Wattle company are expanding as a result of the NDS1.