VP Chiwenga shares nuggets of wisdom on birthday

by | Jul 3, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

Vice President and Minister of Health and Child Care (Rtd) General Constantino Chiwenga turned 65  on June 2, 2021  and he had a few words to share with the youth on his special occasion.

In a video message, VP Chiwenga said young people should remain focused on their goals and avoid being drowned in social ills like drug abuse.

“As a nation we have gone through a tough patch where our economy has taken a lot of hard hits which affected our employment system. Many youths graduated from schools enthusiastically with dreams of landing well-paying prestigious jobs,” said Vice President Chiwenga.

He urged the youth to explore new ways of keeping busy and create employment for themselves.
“Employment can be self-generated too. If you venture into farming and produce grain on a hectare of land or vegetables on an acre of land you would have created your own employment,” he added.

“Resorting to drugs is not an escape from reality, you will still awaken from your drunken slumber with the same problems and a deteriorating health.
For the girl-child unplanned pregnancies often come from pre-marital sex which only leaves you with burdens and a washed down reputation in the community,” said Vice President Chiwenga.

VP Chiwenga said young people should spend more time in innovation hubs, researching and collaborating on projects that will not only result in possible employment but development for the communities they live in.

“Youths must unite and colaborate. Join ideas and see how much positive things you can bring up.
I have met some young people who have told me that they are interested in setting up a bus assembling plant,” he said.

He shunned the use of drugs like Crystal Meth and Marijuana for unconventional recreational use.
The staff in VP Chiwenga`s office treated him to a surprise this morning, handing him a portrait of him and his mother.