Voters warned against taking pictures of marked ballots

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Voters warned against taking pictures of marked ballots

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The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has warned voters to refrain from taking photos of marked ballots as this is a violation of the constitution which puts a big mark on their back for political violence.


ZEC Chief Elections Officer Mr. Utoile Silaigwana said this in a Public press statement that ZEC posted on its social media pages.


“ZEC notes with concern that some voters are taking photographs of the marked ballots and sending them on social media.


This is in contravention of the Constitution which protects the right to security of the ballot.

Voters are advised that this constitutional provision is in place to protect them from victimisation and is an internationally recognized right which the commission endeavours to protect. Voters are thus advised to desist from any actions that might compromise this right and the integrity of the electoral process.


Further the electorate is advised that taking of photographs inside the polling station is prohibited and constitutes a criminal offence in terms of Section 30 of the Electoral Regulations S.I. 21 of 2005,” read the statement.


Zimbabwe Republic Police Spokesperson , Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed to Tateguru TV that one arrest has been confirmed in Sunningdale, Harare.


“We confirm that there has been one arrest of a man at Sunningdale 2 Polling Station who, after following all the procedures of verifying his name and getting the ballot papers went into the polling booths and marked his ballots. After marking them he was seen by the polling officer taking pictures of the same.


The pictures were sent to a female associate of his, who is yet to be confirmed,” said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi.