Veterans Investment Holding Company; A Game Changer

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Nevanji Nehoreka

Government recently according to Section 23 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe availed an empowerment vehicle for the veterans of the liberation struggle.

Last week, President Mnangagwa launched the Veterans of The Liberation War Empowerment Programmes and Vetting Exercise.
This launch was most significant in that, for the first time in Zimbabwe’s history, the Veterans of The Struggle for our Independence were having empowerment programmes specifically for them and directed at them.

They are now part and parcel of the Vision2030 as propounded by the New Dispensation.
The projects targeted at them range around the targeted $25 billion Economic Plans as laid out by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development.
Lands, Agriculture, Water, Fisheries and Rural Resettlement and Tourism and Hospitality.

For the first time, they are not just stake and stockholders of the political emancipation of Zimbabwe, but are now players in the Economic Emancipation, rebuilding and growth of Zimbabwe.
Unlike the initial programmes targeted at them including the $50 000 gratuities back then in 1999 which led to the now infamously termed Black Friday by Economists and which many called empowering to dis-empower, this one makes them participators and employment creators.

The current programmes are well thought out, planned and will be executed with inclusive participation of the Ministries.
Presenting the share certificates of the Veterans Investment Holding Company to the President, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube announced that government had established a holding company that will be wholly owned by the veterans.

This holding company will administer private limited companies in the following sectors; Agriculture, Mining, Financial services, Tourism, Security, Property. President Mnangagwa after receiving the share certificates proceeded to present them to the board of veterans of the liberation struggle represented by Brig. Gen (Rtd) Mashingaidze.

A total of five farms were allocated to Veterans Agriculture (Pvt) Ltd.
The five are spread across five provinces in Zimbabwe and measure a total of 5 300ha.
The biggest is in Masvingo Province measuring 2 300ha with Mashonaland Central and West each providing 1000ha each. Mashonaland East has 400ha and Midlands has 500ha set aside.

The Veterans Mining Company received 21 mining claims across the country measuring a hefty 7 057ha covering 157 blocks.
They also got reserved areas ring fenced for them in Manicaland and Mashonaland West. The reserved areas are in Nyanga North and Munyati and measure a total of 123 700ha.

A photographic park will be set in Hwange National Park. Tokwe-Mukosi, Hwange National Park, Chimanimani National Park and fisheries in Kariba have some portions reserved for the Veterans Tourism Company.

The Veterans Health Services (Pvt) Ltd will establish and operate a range of private hospitals and medical facilities for veterans.
They will be set to cater for the health of the veterans and whomever they wish to serve.

Government support coupled with sound management and guidance by the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle Board all these entities will go a long way in growing the economy and support the realisation of Vision 2030.