Vaccine apathy thawing away

by | Jul 26, 2021 | COVID 19 | 0 comments


By Pretty Manyewe

The Zimbabwe vaccination program is gaining promising ground, as the number of people being vaccinated each day has grown immensely.

The country has now seen 1447342 people receiving their first dose, with over 500000 of these vaccinated in the past two weeks only.

680060 people have received their second dose.

The country has been recording an average of over 45000 people receiving their 1st dose daily in the past two weeks.

With the third wave hitting the country hard, the increased numbers of people showing up for vaccination at designated vaccination centers is a positive progress which is expected to reduce the fatality rate of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government is not relenting in its vaccine purchase, as evidenced by the procurement of another one million doses of SinoVac, which were delivered on Sunday.

To date, Zimbabwe has received 5.5 million vaccines and more are expected in the coming weeks to cater for the new increase in the vaccinated numbers.

In favor of this surge in the numbers of people getting vaccinated, the Government has designated police stations and council clinics as new vaccination sites.

Henceforth ,vaccination is no longer happening at government hospitals only, council clinics and even police stations are acting as vaccination centers.

Citizens are encouraged to continue getting vaccinated in number and adhering to the lockdown measures currently in place.