US hypocrisy on disappearances exposed

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

Hosia Mviringi

The United States Embassy`s attempt to scandalize Zimbabwe as a unsafe country backfired as it emerged that the so-called disappearances they were decrying, were more prevalent in their own country.

Yesterday, it was the commemoration day commemorate the day of victims of forced disappearances, the US embassy in a tweet claimed that Zimbabwe is a perpetrator of forced disappearances, insinuating that the Government may be involved.

“Zimbabwe has a disturbing history of enforced disappearances of political activists and opposition members, with some still missing after several years. The Government of Zimbabwe continues to deny its complicity in enforced disappearances,” said the US embassy in a tweet.

The tweet was seen as an act of hypocrisy, as the US one of the world`s highest disappearance statistics in the world.

According to a leading global phenomenon collation platform, the US has recorded 13 million disappearances in the past 31 years.

That is three million short of the last recorded total population of Zimbabwe.

In 2020 alone, 543 018 people were unaccounted for, that is more than the total population of Masvingo urban.

In making the malicious tweet against Zimbabwe, the US Embassy got more than it bargained for, as patriotic citizens were quick to stop them in their tracks.

The statement attracted the wrath of enlightened Zimbabweans who quickly flocked to the timeline, blasting the US embassy for its hypocrisy and double standards as the main perpetrator of fake abductions and disappearances in Zimbabwe, which they have used to portray Zimbabwe in negative light.

“Honestly, this is disinformation. Stop disseminating falsehoods, most of the so called missing persons, were fake abductions, talk of Gonyeti, the three MDC-A drama queens (Joana Mamombe, Netsai Marova and Cecilia Chimbiri), Magombeyi, all those were fake abductions! Tirikukuzivai (We know you pretty well),” a Twitter user by the name Paidamoyo Mutsvairo wrote.

Another user, Charlene Shumba said;

Your lies have no bounds! You sponsor fake abductions, especially ahead of UNGA or international fora or when sanctions renewal is near. Magombeyi, Gonyet, Joanna, Cecilia et al are your actors & were never abducted your neo imperial subversive agenda against Zimbabwe is known.

The history of false abductions in Zimbabwe can be traced back as part of the script in the Centre for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) playbook, enacted through workshops which were conducted in Zambia a few years back by its Serb founder and CEO, Srdja Popovic, and funded by the US embassy in Zimbabwe.

They designed these fake disappearances in such a manner that they would cause shock and outrage among Zimbabweans to the extent of triggering mass revolts.

These workshops targeted all anti-government activists, whom they trained in such tactics as to cause shock and owe to overwhelm government systems while instigating mass protests and attracting widespread international condemnation.

Cases that immediately come to mind include one unknown and harmless Dr Peter Magombeyi who allegedly went missing for three days, only to come out with a fully charged phone battery which he then used to call the illegal American radio station operating into Zimbabwe, Voice of America, instead of calling the police, to announce that he had “found” himself unscathed.