US cries foul over lack of partners in Africa on Zim Sanctions, hints on removal of embargo

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US cries foul over lack of partners in Africa on Zim Sanctions, hints on removal of embargo

Hosia Mviringi


As the US increasingly finds itself under pressure and on the spotlght over the continued illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe,

the US is left with little to no better choice than a complete scrapping of the sanctions policy on the Southern African country.


The recent admission by the US Administration that it’s sanctions on Zimbabwe had dire consequences on Zimbabwean businesses and ordinary citizens, comes not as a surprise to many, especially those directly affected.


In a digital Press Conference convened in Washington by the Department of State’s Africa Regional Media Hub ahead of the Africa-wide 4th Zimbabwe Anti-sanctions commemorations, the US administration, through the Department of State Sanctions Coordinator Ambassador, Ambassador James O’Brien, predictably denied claims that the sanctions were meant to shut down the Southern African country’s economy. Director Sanctions Policy and Implementation Jim Mullinax.


“.we need to be sure that our sanctions are integrated fully into our foreign policy..and we need to be willing to remove them when they are not working, or when they have achieved the goal for which they were intended…” said Ambassador O’Brien in a laborious explanation.


Ambassador O’Brien inadvertently admitted that the US was running out of cooperating partners in Africa for the enforcement of it’s ruinous sanctions policy, partners which he admitted were crucial in the success of the sanctions on Zimbabwe.


Pointing at the recent public outcry against the sanctions and an outpouring of solidarity with Zimbabwe from the Southern African Development Community (SADC), African Union (AU), and from multiple individual countries across the world, Ambassador O’Brien souw spat for fe saver as the US bully tactics were now on full display, especially in Africa.


“We need to know with whom we are going to work, because our partners are very critical in the success of our sanctions. For that to happen we try not to work on our own, but obviously as the largest economy we often find ourselves leading, but we try to work closely with our partners and that’s a very important part of what we are seeing happening on Zimbabwe sanctions today…” O’Brien continued.


It is apparent therefore that the hastily convened press briefing was motivated by a need to save face and try to sanitize their evil yet failed regime change intentions on Zimbabwe. Sensing another embarrassment in most capitals across Africa on October 25, 2022, as another round of condemnation of sanctions is fast loading, riding on the recent shelaking of the US at the just ended 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York, the cowardly US regime has sought an early explained to their ruinous sanctions on a peaceful African nation.


“We keep looking at our sanctions program as we do with al our sanctions programs. We have been actively reviewing this and we are also consulting closely with our partners in the region. So there are concerns, SADC has spoken out and a number of African countries have spoken out about what would be the right approach to Zimbabwe and my colleagues who work on policy towards Zimbabwe are in regular conversation with them, and we also use those opportunities to look at thee sanctions policy itself…”


As he mumbled and rumbled in search of appropriate words that would not betray defeat and an imminent change of policy, Mr O’Brien tried to flaunt bravado in the face of an outright rebellion from the so called African partners over sanctions against Zimbabwe.


Admittedly, the Zimbabwean diplomacy seems to be paying dividends as the once aggressive US sanctions monster acknowledges the need to seek for advice from African leaders. He fell short though of acknowledging the inevitable need to engage Harare on matters of mutual concern, on it’s own the core of recommendations by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Effects of Unilateral Coercive Measures on the enjoyment of Human Rights Ms Alena Douhan.


In summation, the US government represents a cornered beast who’s only way out is to negotiate with the nearest obstacle, in this case little Zimbabwe.


However, Ambassador O’Brien was not sincere in his description of the US sanctions on Zimbabwe when he intimated that it was not his administration’s intention to ground the Zimbabwean economy, when the economy has been on it’s knees for more than two decades.


For Mr O’Brien to intimate that it was not part of his government’s policy “to engage in a comprehensible effort to close the Zimbabwean economy,” he demonstrated selective memory when it comes to utterances by the then US State Advisor on Africa, Mr Chester Crocker when he clearly stated that the main goal of the sanctions was to make the Zimbabwean economy scream, as a way separate the people from the ruling ZANU PF party.


Said Crocker then, “To separate the people of Zimbabwe from ZANU PF, we are going to have to make the economy scream, and I hope you (US Congress) have the stomach for what you have to do.”


The digital Press Briefing which ran under the title “US Sanctions Policy and Implementation in Zimbabwe” has indeed betrayed US insecurity and it’s fears over a more united African continent which is proving to be more stubborn when it comes to matters of self governance and fair treatment at international fora.


Of course, the chickens will always come home to roost. The regime change project in Zimbabwe will never rise again from these ashes, and the land reform program is final and non-reversible.

Shiri inozongofawo hayo. Ichoo!