UN ready to support implementation of Disability and Migration policies – Resident Coordinator

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Hosia Mviringi

They say every policy is as good as its implementation.
True in every sense, the launch of the National Disability and the Labour Migration Policies this week by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, will be judged by the success of its implementation.

To this end, it was heart-warming to hear the United Nations Resident Coordinator Ms Maria Ribeiro pledging the UN Agencies’ full support to the implementation of the twin policies.
The United Nations commended the government of Zimbabwe for its inclusive attitude in the formulation of the two policies which are a product of wide consultations with stakeholders.

“The launch of these two policies is a culmination of efforts by the government of Zimbabwe and partners to advance inclusion, reduce inequality and take steps to leave no one behind as we work together to achieve the SDGs.
The UN recognises the inclusive nature of the consultations that shaped the development of these two policies. And I am pleased to note that the UN system has been part of these processes providing technical and financial support,” said Ms Ribeiro.

We continue to encourage the scaling up of disability-inclusive budgeting by the government.
The policy is as good as its implementation and allocation of adequate resources would facilitate advancing the inclusion and rights of persons with disabilities.

The UN stands ready to work with the government in the coordination of stakeholders to support the robust implementation of the two policies, including strengthened coordination of key sectors to advance the rights of all persons with disabilities and migrants.
Together we can make meaningful progress towards a more prosperous and inclusive Zimbabwe and the attainment of the SDG” said Madam Ribeiro.

Persons living with disabilities have been caught in the middle of a hard place and rock with the advent of the Covid -19 virus which has made life difficult for them as some of them end up being victims of abuse and destination due to desperate circumstances they often find themselves in.

Some disabled persons with special needs have ended up compromising their health and safety for the sake of survival.

Migrant workers have not been soared by the pandemic as more than 180,000 Zimbabweans have had to return home after losing their employment in host countries under difficult Covid-19 circumstances, to a place where there is no gainful employment for them either.
This has exacerbated a situation that was already bad, a situation that calls for well-coordinated government intervention.

Controlled immigration has become a policy priority for the migration development strategies of many nations globally to enhance contributions of migrant labour is an indispensable policy imperative and a development enabler for sending and host countries alike.

As such labour migration must become a key contributor towards the attainment of the Vision 2030 agenda in Zimbabwe.