UK Parly in cocaine scandal

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The United Kingdom parliament, which sometimes frames itself as a paragon of morality, is embroiled in a storm after it emerged that some members are using narcotics within its premises.

According to a recent Sunday Times report, 11 out of 12 toilets at the Parliamentary Village had traces of cocaine which points to widespread use.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation describes Cocaine as a stimulant drug which among its effects causes hallucinations and paranoia which explains why UK legislators have been seeing shadows on matters relating to Zimbabwe.

“The accounts of drug misuse in Parliament given to the Sunday Times are deeply concerning the use of illegal drugs and I will be raising them as a priority with the Metropolitan Police this week,” Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said in a statement.

There is now a full investigation into the matter, as the restrooms in which cocaine traces were found are only accessed by accredited parliamentarians and their top staff.

A washroom near Prime Minister Boris Johnson`s office was also wiped for cocaine traces and they were found.

The use of recreational drugs in the United Kingdom parliamentary system is not surprising if overtures they have been pulling are anything to go by.

They recently conscripted teacher unions to be fronts of their destabilization agenda in Zimbabwe.

Recently, the British House of Lords (housed within parliament) exposed the opaque relationship between Trade Union Congress in the United Kingdom and local trade unions.

UK Minister of State, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Mr Tariq Mahmood Ahmad said they are working closely with teachers’ unions in Zimbabwe to disturb the status quo.

“We certainly have been meeting in Harare with various unions, including teaching unions, most recently in September 2021 on salaries and the impact of Covid-19. Trade unions form an important part of civil society in any country, and we engage with them at all levels,” said Mr Ahmad.

It has since become apparent some of the conversations were happening in a state of euphoria and intoxication.