Uganda edges closer to total lockdown as Covid-19 cases spike

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Hosia Mviringi

Uganda is set to enforce stricter Covid-19 restrictions as the nation experiences a surge in the pace of new infections across the country.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, in a state of the nation address this evening ordered all schools and institutions of higher learning to close for 42 days starting 0800hrs on June 7, 2021.

Uganda becomes the second country in Africa to announce a slip back into stage two Covid-19 lockdown after South Africa due to increasing infection rates. South Africa blamed social gatherings for being super spreaders as people often disregard health protocols.

“There is an increase in several infections in schools since March. A total of 948 cases were reported in 43 schools from 22 districts.
But we believe that this number could be much higher, only that most schools are not reporting.
The high number in schools is largely attributed to poor compliance to SOP’s (standard operating procedures), inadequate sanitation facilities and overcrowding in some schools,” said President Museveni.

The latest decree bans inter-district passenger transport while encouraging companies to reduce the physical presence of workers at workplaces down to 30 per cent.
Curfew remains between 2100hrs to 0500hrs the next day.

President Museveni however threatened to shift a gear up to total lockdown if the latest guidelines are not adhered to.
“If the guidelines I have read here are not respected, I will return here again and announce a total lockdown,” concluded Museveni.

Uganda has recorded a total of 52,929 cases, 374 deaths and 43,487 recoveries.

Uganda is lagging in its vaccination program having administered at least 706,626 doses (0.8 per cent) out of a staggering target of 21.9 million people.

Zimbabwe compares fairly well having vaccinated 687,321 people out of a targeted 8.4 million people.
The country is on high alert following the discovery of the Indian variant in the Midlands town of Kwekwe, which was immediately placed on a targeted lockdown to prevent a spread to other towns.

Zimbabwe stares at the reality of the third wave as infections are expected to spike due to extreme cold temperatures being experienced as winter sets in.
As such government has appealed to citizens to exercise extreme caution and adhere to health protocols to prevent a rapid spread of infections.

President Mnangagwa`s government has done well so far in terms of managing the spread of the disease and to a larger extent in terms of the vaccination program rollout.