Twitter Space session backfires for Chamisa

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

Staff Writer

MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa last night trended for the wrong reasons on Twitter, as his appearance on a Space session hosted by South Africa activist Mmusi Maimane left the listeners divided.

The Space session, which was premised around an abstract topic on democracy, saw Chamisa responding to questions on different issues.

Chamisa was asked what his thoughts on the LGBTQIA, a question which must have been planted by his Western handlers.

At first Chamisa skirted around the issue, but the listeners were persistent on the matter, until he pronounced himself.

“We are guided by the constitution and the constitution doesn’t allow same sex marriages,” said Chamisa.

This did not go well with some Twitter users, who accused him of homophobia.

Chamisa`s opinion, is likely to irk his Western handlers who have been trying to smuggle the homosexuality agenda into the country through him.

Other activists, who are vying for the same attention from the Americans and other hostile embassies called Chamisa out, in what appears to be the beginning of trouble in opposition paradise.

Activist Namatai Kwekweza, who is among those being recruited by Western embassies hostile to Zimbabwe, wrote a cryptic attack on Chamisa.

“The words representation, democracy and intersectionality will never mean anything to you that it`s your groups that is excluded. We must anchor our society on the principles of hearing all voices and leaving no one behind,” said Kwekweza.

Chamisa is being haunted by working hard to convince foreign countries that he can push through their agendas in Zimbabwe, despite the realities on the ground.

These Spaces, which appear to be for politics are his paymasters seeking their money`s worth and Chamisa seems to have no answers on one of their priority areas, which is gay rights.

Zimbabweans have unequivocally made it clear that they will not accept same sex marriages.