Twimbos censure Magaisa

by | May 11, 2021 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

Young people on the internet are beginning to see through United Kingdom based law lecturer Alex Magaisa`s overtures to influence them to hate their country.
Magaisa, who –in his blog posts and on Twitter- rarely has anything to say about the country, has been on a spirited campaign to discredit the current administration.
His latest attempt which was directed to the youth was not well received.
“I hope young Zimbabweans who spend time in awe of their peers calling them “mbinga” or feel inadequate when the so-called mbinga flash cash realise that most that most of the time it’s proceeds of illicit activities. It’s wealth that is stolen from them & their future by selfish cartels.” Mbinga is a term used to refer to flashy young jet-setters in Zimbabwe, especially those that flash their riches on social media,” Magaisa wrote on his Twitter.
Young people were quick to call him to order for his comment.
“We are very aware respectfully, I ‘d implore you and your age mates trying to inspire us into action to not speak like we’re blind to these things. It doesn’t have the impact it’s intended to have,” a Twitter user with the name @WaNehanda wrote.
“At the most it’s making me question what basis they have to take the moral high ground and lecture us about what needs to change in Zimbabwe. What were you doing during the RGM’s presidency? You also failed us by not doing anything, don’t let that be our burden to bare alone” thundered @WaNehanda, in another Tweet.
This comes in barely a week after renowned writer Farai Mudzingwa called Magaisa to order after Magaisa had written an ahistorical ageist narrative against the youth.
“Clash of generations: there’s a generation that remembers a Zimbabwe of high standards; a country that worked & had promise. There’s a generation of young adults with no such memory. Their universe was shaped by falling standards; a Zimbabwe that doesn’t work; without promise,” wrote Magaisa.
Mudzingwa, who is basking in the glory of his new book, Green Shadows in the Kiya-Kiya Republic told Magaisa to be more nuanced in his reading of issues.
“This romanticising of the 1980/90s needs to end. Zimbabwe never really took off. The upward mobility of Africans cramming into a Rhodesian system that was never designed for them and could never hold their numbers, should not be mistaken for some mythical golden period,” Mudzingwa responded.
“A morning spent in the national archives reading newspapers and magazines and the senate & parliamentary hansards will show kuti we inherited a turd and maintained a turd.

But carry on with your Big Saturday Royco Packets,” Magaisa added in another tweet.
Magaisa has a following of sycophantic young impressionable opposition sympathisers who support him despite his questionable points.