Traditional medicines: Zim exchanges notes with China

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

By Pretty Manyewe

Zimbabwe has incorporated traditional Chinese medicines in its fight against Covid-19.

This comes as the relations between the two countries are at an all time high due to impressive cooperation shown during the pandemic.

The latest addition to the beautiful tale, will see the distribution of Chinese medicines in Zimbabwe.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe draws inspiration from how China has managed to put its indigenous knowledge to good use during the pandemic.

He was speaking during the forum of Traditional Chinese Medicine and International Cooperation against Covid-19.

“While our hopes are pinned on the Covid-19 vaccination programmes, it is imperative that scientists broaden collaboration in research and development of traditional medicines. This will ensure safe development and deployment of our rich indigenous knowledge systems to tackle the pandemic,” said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa noted the increase in interest in age-old indigenous knowledge among Zimbabwean citizens and academics.
“In the case of Zimbabwe, notable strides are being made in the research of medicinal properties of indigenous plant specifically Lippia Javanica(Zumbani) which is abundant in our country and parts of South Africa.

Research cooperation in this and other regards is encouraged and most welcome,” he said.
Zimbabwe and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding which has seen the establishment of a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic at one of the country’s largest referral hospital, Sally Mugabe Hospital.

“Meanwhile, we are inspired by the Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China for adopting covid-19 treatment guidelines that integrate traditional medicines and conventional medicine.
This integrations of the two systems will undoubtedly contribute from volume-based to value-based health care,” said President Mnangagwa

He added; “In the spirit of multilateralism, Zimbabwe remains committed to collaborate and cooperate with all, at the international level in pursuit of the global ‘health for all’ agenda. This is now more urgent given that

Covid-19 has dealt an unprecedented setback to the global effort to end extreme poverty, unsustainable use of natural resources, conflict and climate change.”
Zimbabwe saw the rise in traditional medicine use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Observers say the knowledge, if harnessed properly can become a multimillion dollar industry in its own right.