Tighten belt for 2023, ZANU PF urged

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

By Pretty Manyewe

With the 2023 harmonized elections fast approaching, the ZANU PF President and First Secretary, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa urged party members to tighten their belts and be diligent in implementing Party Programmes.

Despite elections being two years away, having won the elections and being in power for the past 40 years, the ruling party, ZANU PF, was not approaching the elections with an assumed membership base but rather focused to know the actual figures of those who will potentially vote for them at Ward, Constituency and Provincial level.

Speaking at the 351st Ordinary Session of the Politburo today April 14 2021, President Mnangagwa took time to acknowledge that while preparing for the 2023 elections, the people and party membership must be kept informed, mobilised and motivated to be productive towards improving their lives and the achievements of the goals set out in the 2018 People’s Manifesto.

“Structures must remain intact and nothing must be left to chance, therefore let us continue tightening our belts and diligently implementing our Party programmes with a greater sense of urgency.Preparations for by-elections must be conducted within the confines of internal democratic practices and provisions of our Party Constitution while at the same time observing the World Health Organisation Covid-19 guidelines. Values that promote discipline, unity, robust and mature political competition and indivisibility of our Revolutionary Party must be guarded jealously,” he said.

The Politburo was not only reminded that they continue to provide strategic guidance and leadership to the leagues of the Party and general membership but that the onus was on them to continue to ignite and fuel the sense that citizens were masters of their destiny.

“It is crucial that our people be instilled with a greater sense of being masters of their destiny. None but ourselves will develop our Wards, Districts, Provinces and the country as a whole,” he continued.

He ended by noting that the people, inclusive of women and youth are a critical force in driving the development agenda.

“The youth, in particular, are an asset in the future of our nation and the achievement of the nation’s Vision 2030, hence the need to strengthen qualitative participation of the young people in decision making fora and processes,” he said