There is more to life than a few coins from the West

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• Of a guy called Peter and a few new disciples


For the love of money, fame and scholarships youths are being taken advantage by the regime change agents in Zimbabwe to damage the reputation of the country.

Non-Governmental organisations are being sponsored in disguise of Human rights watch to reward those who are deemed essential and fearless.
In 2019 then leader of Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) Peter Magombeyi faked an abduction in a bid to get sympathy from the hostile nations to Zimbabwe.

Magombeyi later reappeared in Nyabira after a week of search.

The government of Zimbabwe dismissed the abduction as a “characteristic propaganda stunt by the opposition and its supporters.”
Magombeyi was rushed to South Africa by his camp in disguise of seeking medication before the investigations were finished.

For his services Magombeyi was rewarded with a Scholarship in South Africa.
After Mugombeyi’s Scholarship a new crop of young activists surfaced the likes of Tawanda Muchehiwa,Takudzwa Ngadziore, Namatai Mkweza, and Allan Moyo among others.

Most of them were charge for inciting violence and continued breaches of law while on bail. (Contempt for the court) and Staging fake abductions.
Godfrey Kurauone an MDC councillor spent 42 days in jail for blocking roads with stones and boulders.
He was charged for obstructing the free movement of traffic and participating in an illegal demonstration.

Kurauone is believed to be living in America now under Political asylum. A move that many MDC youths are emulating.
Haruzivishe was recently jailed for 14months in prison for inciting violence and resisting arrests. He is now languishing alone in prison for few pieces of silver.
The government of Zimbabwe under the New Dispensation is Empowering youths to be self-reliance to avoid manipulation by Western Superpowers.

Under the Ministry of Youth Sports Arts and Recreation the youths desk was introduced primarily to serve young people and youth organisations in Zimbabwe, ensuring that they are involved in all aspects of development without resorting to violent.

The Ministry of Small and Medium enterprises and the African Development Bank are supporting SMEs and cooperatives to access finances and business development services to facilitate their access to markets..

Recently a young farmer from Rural Mhondoro Terrence Maphosa was rewarded by the Ministry of Agriculture with a farm after he made strides on social media for keeping chickens and farming.
There is more to life than a fellowship sponsored by foreign embassies.