‘The man who keeps melodies under lock’

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• 2021 breakout star, DT Bio Mudimba works for ZPCS

• Says wants to produce album but finances are not yet permitting

• He produces some of his own music

Every year has its own surprise star artist, someone who rises from the unknown to stardom.

Exactly 12 months ago the name DT Bio Mudimba did not ring any bell in Zimbabwe, save for those he works with at Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services.

The Sungura artist from Binga defied odds with his debut song Kujata:jata which dominated the airwaves and dancefloors across Zimbabwe.

Our reporter Mako Jerera, had a chat with DT Bio Mudimba, full name Day Tawanda Mudimba. Below are excerpts of the interview.

MJ: What drew you to the music industry?

DT: I just like music since childhood, I remember my sister telling me that I sing in my sleep at a very tender age.

MJ: What is your inspiration?

DT: I was inspired by my uncles who played our Tonga mbira (tunkobela) so well and sang amazingly as we grew up and even up to today they still sing amazingly

PJ:Please explain your creative process, how do you compose your music?

DT: When creating my music I sometimes dream but with eyes wide open and sometimes I write songs after seeing certain things happening in our society, often things that touch my heart and sometimes cause my tears to flow when I think deeply. So I take to pen and paper to share with the world my joy and sorrows as an African child with a rural and cultural upbringing.

MJ: How do you manage collaborations with other artists?

DT: I currently have not yet collaborated with other musicians since I am a newbie but I hope to do some as time goes on.

MJ: You have become quite the sensation. How do you manage fame?

DT: I interact with my fans through social media platforms like Facebook where we have a page named D. T BiO Mudimba and also a Facebook group named Team Kujata jata. We are also on Twitter and also on Whatsapp.

MJ:You work at ZPCS, how do you balance work and a demanding musician life?

DT: I may say i love every moment of the music making process be it at work or when off duty and with Kaani stars band.

MJ: What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

DT: Advice for those who wish to do music like me is that lets take music as a way to entertain and also to express our views and teach the world, if you earn a living from it thank God and if you don`t, don`t lose hope just keep on for the love of music. It will be fine one day.



MJ: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

DT: I feel internet has brought positivity in terms of easy music marketing since we now have a powerful tool in form of social media but it has fueled piracy. That has taken a lot of musicians off the game since very few can sustain themselves through selling hard copies of their music now.

MJ: On your discography, which song do you enjoy performing the most?

DT: My favourate song is Baama Ataata in which talk about appreciating our parents for upbringing us to be what we are today.

MJ: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

DT: If was to change something in the music industry I would come up with an organisation responsible for talent scouting on upcoming musicians and assisting them with necessary support to rise and take the raw talents to the world.

MJ: What’s next for you?

DT: I promise our fans some videos and also more music.


MJ: Who produces your music?

DT: I am a producer at Afro Recordz Bulawayo and I produce my music as well.

MJ: When should we expect an album?

DT: I cannot promise an album yet, as we currently do not have the finances enough to cover a full project but we just hope that as soon as we have resources we will do.