The law reigns supreme in all seasons

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The law reigns supreme in all seasons

Brian Rungano Temba


Social media is awash with a new trend of accusing the Zimbabwe Republic Police of infringing rights of the opposition.


Funny enough, it is only the Yellow camp that is always offside in a playing field of over 20 political parties.


To make sure if it is not coincidence, one has to follow events chronologically with an appreciation of the geo-political temperature.


Zimbabwe was declared an adversary of the United States of Zimbabwe under the Donald Trump Administration and this unveiled a pent up animosity towards the sovereign that had been running clandestinely since post independence in 1980.


Closer to home, since the birth of MDC with the immortalised sell-out Morgan Tsvangirai, America through its embassies and handlers have mentored opposition activists into Anarchists and Domestic terrorists who play the victim card upon reparation and when legal action catches up with them.


In 2018, at the dawn of new dispensation and the coming in of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, he promised to rebuild the nation and to return the rule of law after the First Republic had fallen from grace.


The legal system has since gotten upgrades, technologically and in infrastructure. The capacity building exercise means better judicial service delivery and return of sanity and rule of law.


However ruminant elements of a darker time resist this change and growth. At a time dedicated to more economics and less political , the CCC, formerly MDC, insists on the laws of the wild to dictate the fate of a nation.


Through deceiving the uninitiated portion of Zimbabwean population into thinking they are the victims, they have staged fake abductions, rigged elections in urban areas and committed crimes.

All this is done in the name of a holy war against ZANU PF, as prescribed by US embassy handlers and other western allies.


As sickening as this is, the police and courts has never slept on duty as arrests and court trials have been going on to date.

The fake abduction trio of Joanna Mamombe, Netsai Marova and Cecilia Chimbiri are now denying being abducted, challenging the courts and police to prove that they made such claims.


Is it either that the charade has run its course and sanctions are firmly back in place, or they are protesting unfulfilled promises of a Green Card by the US Embassy as the VISAs take eternity to be awarded.

Or is it that facts and evidence that points towards the lies they were weaving are now tightening around their necks like a noose?

It must be hard to breathe under such pressure.


The arrest and trial of Harare former mayor and CCC candidate for Ward 27 Glen Norah has been met with contempt by opposition sympathisers.


One to stand out is Norton MP Hon. Temba Mliswa who took to social media to tweet,

” The issue of Herbert Gomba needed to be handled in a professional manner which engenders a safe environment as we go towards elections,” said Mliswa.


“We cannot have a situation where such a prominent person goes missing, is later found arrested & nothing is said by government”.


“We can’t have all sorts of stories fly around and yet nothing official is said. Government should come out and give statements clarifying so that it is not tainted and the truth is known officially,” he concluded.


The sentiment beckons a response from an unbothered party in the equation whose business is not in electoral scandals or one man seeing a man about a dog at odd hours only to be detained by his wife.


Sure Hon. Mliswa being educated understands the roles of the estates of Government.

This is a job for the electoral body and the judicial.


Unless he is saying no arrests must be made in the months and days ensuing to 2023 elections and 26 March by-elections respectively regardless of crimes committed.


Nine days towards by-elections, a clown dressed like a jar of piss trots around town without a face mask. Bear in mind the Statutory instrument that mandates mask wearing is still valid and enforceable.


Just when he gets picked up by patrolling police, opposition media and parrots echo that he was picked up over wearing his yellow garments.


CSOs like the Zimbabwe Peace Project tweeted, “Godfrey Karembera, the @CCCZimbabwe Madzibaba Veshanduko arrested by @PoliceZimbabwe at Copacabana Bus Terminus in Harare.


He is at Harare Central Police Station. He was donning his popular yellow garments. Charges yet to be known,”


The CCC on its official Twitter account went on to rant about the arrest and inciting people to riot.

Of course the CCC can go to town and back, but the law is blind. It respects no colour not robs. Committing a crime in regalia doesn’t make one less culpable.

The law reigns supreme in all seasons, including during campaign seasons.